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Sync 3, No update for me above 3.0?

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So I finally updated my factory installed Sync 3, 2.0 in my 2017 to Sync 3, 3.0. I know there are updates over the 3.0, but the Ford owners site says my software is up to date? 
Has anyone installed anything newer from the Ford site.



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This has been talked about on here several times... 


The direct answer is no.  3.0 is as high as Ford will allow (currently)


There are ways to move it to 3.3 or 3.4 but it will void any warranty you have left (and you can NOT go back).  And the process can 'brick' your unit.  Not to mention that you would then have to update it with the same method used to get it to the place you are at... as Fords site will not update you.

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