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My Ford Touch

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I have My Ford Touch in my 2014 Focus Titanium Hatchback. The software version says 3.08 - I'm looking at buying an iPhone X but Ford tells me that I need to run the software upgrade to push it from 3.08 to 3.10

So I follow the directions on owner.ford.com and download to my Mac the zip file. I follow the directions carefully that it says to my USB 3.0 16GB drive. After doing what the directions say I take the USB drive to my car, plug it in to the USB slot and both times I tried this the center console display showed an error.. I didn't have a piece of paper and pen to write down the error and I don't recall the exact wording so I'm going to do it again and write down the error next time and post it here.


After buying the USB drive because I didn't have one large enough for the 8GB file to download from the Ford site, I plugged it in to my Mac, erased what was on it and formatted it for exFAT per the instructions. I called my local dealer and told them but they want $62.50 to do the upgrade. I'm not paying it. 


Does anyone have any suggestions or have run into the same problem?


This is the error I keep getting no matter how many times I try the process from beginning to end.


After erasing and formatting the drive again took it to my car. This is the same error I keep getting. 


Updating Sync Image. Problem detected with USB storage device. Please contact Sync support or try to download the update again. 

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