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Estimated Time of Arrival instead of driving time?

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Is there a way to change the display to show what TIME I will arrive, instead of how long it will take to get there? I always liked that feature on my Android phone. It also makes it easier to tell if you are running behind, or making up time.

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This was added to the Gen2-v3.7 update as a selection. Just press on the time displayed while getting directions and then you can select what is displayed.


How ever this update removes the address book to destination option, also the "Easy Entry and Exit" setting, and also the 30min auto engine shut off feature if the car is left running while your away from it.

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Update on missing options

I reported earlier the following:

1. The "Easy Entry and Exit" that I use to have is no longer there.

2. The 30 min Automatic engine shut off if left unattended is no longer there.

3. The phone address book to Destination is no longer there.

1 & 2 are there on Sync version 3.7 its just that they are buried within the menus and the update had reset the menus to default which made it hard to find. The Dealer found them and showed me the several steps to get to them.

The 3rd option "address book to Destination" has been confirmed by Ford in Dearborn, Michigan to have been removed in revision 3.7, I asked them to please put it back in as their Sync services doesn't always work if you are in a poor cellphone connection area such as the mountains of PA or NC or out West.

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