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Found 6 results

  1. Bought a 2019 Fusion Titanium for my wife to replace her 2010 Fusion SEL. The sync on the 2010, which I only use for Phone and bluetooth audio is functional but has some issues. The new car has the newer sync and it is the worst most un-intuitive SW I have ever used. Felt like punching the screen after 10 minutes of frustrating interaction with the unit. You try to put a known hotel name as POI in for a distant destination and although it's one of maybe 5 hotels in that town, all you get is names of unrelated businesses in other towns. Ford makes you stare at their low screen so you are sure to swerve and kill yourself and others. It might be quicker if for the next model car they would locate the screen next the brake pedal just to speed up the inevitable crash. Couldn't figure out voice commands to find past destinations. When you shut the car off to get gas, you loose the destination. My 8 year old garmin remembers if you temporarily shut it down and has a previously found menu. Any reason why you can't say redial to call the last number. Every phone I have owned in the last 20 years had a redial button. Hello programmers - ever use a phone? Just getting started. Hopefully it will get better with use. I did find commands that were not listed where I could say state "name", city "name"... to enter addresses. Had no luck getting the SW to understand the entire address the way they recommended it be entered. Is there an instruction manual for this thing? Sorry for the rant but when Consumer Reports said it was better I believed them. I
  2. My iPhone SE can pair with Sync through the "phone" menu and I can make calls and use the voice activated features and everything. However, whenever I try to use the "Bluetooth Audio" feature, Sync can't find my phone. It says there is no bluetooth device, even though my phone is already paired with the car. I've tried the different pairing fixes offered on Ford's website, and even tried a master reset, but I still can't get my phone to connect to the "Bluetooth Audio." I'm hoping to avoid a trip to a dealership. Thank you in advance!
  3. I have a 2016 F150, I can not seem to find if my Galaxy S6 with a Canadian carrier Bell Canada is compatible, I try and go to the link for phones compatible and I can not find the Ford F150 2016. My phone Bluetooth constantly connect and disconnects, I can not get text messages. I have unpaired and re-paired nothing seems to work. Is it just the Canadian Carrier or the Galaxy s6, do I need to switch back to iPhone as I need my phone in my truck, I travel for job.
  4. Hello, I have a 2011 Fusion Hybrid with the Sony premium audio system. I participate in a monthly conference call with people up and down the east coast. When I am driving and using the Blue tooth connection, the conference is halted by the sound of noise, described as a windy noise, from my system. Yes, the windows are closed, the ac is on in an automatic mode, fan speed at a low level. I have to mute my phone so that the conference can continue. Has anybody else had this problem, or know of a solution? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Here is the problem I am having with my android phone in my 2009 Ford Focus, it does not work with the voice activated SYNC. I have to use the Bluetooth to steam my music which means that I have way less control over the music while I am driving. Which is unsafe and it means that I am playing my music way less that I want to. So I am looking for the best new phone out there that works with the SYNC system. I don't really want an iPhone but if that is the best phone for my Ford Focus. If anyone has any reviews or information please let me know Thanks Mel
  6. I have a motorola droid bionic and 2010 ford fusion sport. I've had this problem hooking my phone up via the usb cord and playing music off the hard drive. Since it has an sd card and internal memory, it never knows which to mount. I was wondering if there was a way with either my car or my phone to make sure the correct hdd is selected. Thanks.