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Found 10 results

  1. I have a 2008 Ford Fusion SEL with voice activated navigation version of SYNC. The SyncMyRide.com site says I'm up-to-date with the last (and only) update on October 2007. Could that be right? That seems like the first version install and I thought I've read of a few more updates. I'm only looking for a possible update because when my (Microsoft Win8.1) phone is connected, the contacts don't show, and with music, it doesn't show any info, just blank text areas. Maybe I need to reset?
  2. Here is the story, I used to be able to push my home button and activate Siri through the speakers of my 2013 Fusion with MyFord (not MyFord Touch). Recently, an update came out for the Sync system (V4.6), so I updated it and now this function is gone. Has anyone else seen this same issue? Do you have any fix for it? I am curious as it used to be really convenient to have Siri activated through the easy press of a button. Now, it makes it almost impossible to activate or requires more fiddling with my phone. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi fellow sync users, new to this site, as well as my recently bought Fusion. it is an 09 Ford Fusion SEL, It has Sync compatibility, also has the AUX and USB ports in center console. whenever i press the phone button to add a new phone it says NO PHONE. I cannot even get into the phone menu or system settings. I have pulled and replaced the SYNC fuse, as well as pulling the battery lines to reset the whole system in the car, still no luck. whenever i put an AUX cable or USB in, the radio does not detect any of those features. It only works on radio & CD function. Help please, I would like to access all of the features my "new" car has to offer. Thank you.
  4. I have a 2015 Ford Fusion. My USB cord is not being recognized with my Samsung Galaxy note 3. How do I fix this. I want to be able to use all the features of my car and speak commands. My bluetooth recognized my device, but I can't use the voice commands. And when I have my phone charging through the USB, the alert keeps popping up on the screen which is also annoying saying that the USB device is not being recognized or something like that. Please help. Thank you.
  5. Sorry if this has been posted, but in looking through the posts, I couldn't find a recent one. I just bought a new 2013 Fusion Titanium and I love it. The car kicks butt. I love the styling, handling, power and gas mileage. I'm coming off an Infiniti and I'm happy as can be. Except for the Sync. There are some really strange things about it that make me yell not-so-nice words to her a few times a week. - When playing my iPod, the shuffle never stays on. I've seen a post that says others experience this too, but is this a bug, design or what? Will it be fixed? Every time I shut the car, I need to click shuffle - all again, even though it is set that way, or it will go song by song. - I like my sound setting set to "Surround". I need to set it this way every time I turn on the car. Again, very annoying. - You can't play a playlist through voice commands. She brings up the list and you need to pick it. Seems to defeat the hands-free value. - On the phone, I have a few contacts that are just the first name. She does not like this. I've given up and just use the buttons. - The voice recognition is ok, but not great. She makes Siri look very smart. There are some good features too. Setting climate seems to work well. The navigation is good, once you set the destination (which can be a little cumbersome). The information it provides, such as current street and compass are great. Still love the car, but any help in making me happier with Sync would be greatly appreciated! Ford - you should have teamed up with Apple!
  6. So I recently Purchased a 2011 ford fusion SE from the dealership, but un suprisingly it did not come with an owners manual. I do NOT have a touch screen navi, I only have an Aux plug in in my middle console, I have not been able to find a usb plug in, and I dont have the Phone button on my steering wheel either. My problem is that when i press the phone button on my consol a message comes up that reads "No Phone" now after that message had appeared I went online to find a step by step guide, Ive followed all the directions as far as turning the car on putting it in park, pressing phone then the scan button - or putting the stereo in aux mode then press the Ok button, Ive tried pretty much every option possible, but every time nothing happens, no menu comes up or anything. any ideas?
  7. I just bought a 2011 Ford Fusion SE and so far just about everything is working great! I got home and I decided I wanted to try to play music from my 1GB thumbdrive. I had to manually move the song one by one from iTunes to my thumbdrive. No problem there. So, I took the thumbdrive and I inserted it into the USB port in my car and it worked perfectly ! Displayed Artist name, and song name! Well when my fiance got home I was so excited I wanted to show her and so we got in the car and it wouldnt work ?!?!? It just displayed that the USB was empty! So I thought maybe the cars sync system somehow erased my drive?! I plugged it back into my computer and it still has all the songs on it and it is formatted in FAT32. So, I dont know what the heck is going on?! My brother and I took a look and discovered my sync needed to be updated, so he used one of his thumb drives to update it and it read his thumb drive perfectly and then I once again tried my thumbdrive with the music and it read USB EMPTY. I am not sure what to do or what the problem is? Its formatted correctly, all the songs are MP3's and like I said before, it worked the first time but hasnt worked since?! Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. I used a thumbdrive to play music through my sync in my fusion and it worked the very first time and it hasnt worked since?! Can anyone explain why this is? When I try to sync the USB it says USB EMPTY. The drive is formatted to FAT32 and all the songs are MP3 and like I said it worked the very first time I tried it but no luck since. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. I cannot pair and therefore cannot connect my husband's Motorola Triumph with my 2010 Ford Fusion. Every time I try, as soon as I start entering the PIN numbers that are provided to me by Sync on his phone, I get a message on his phone saying that it is having trouble pairing. I have tried this several times, and the same thing happens every time. I have kept my paired Samsung Intercept far away so as not to interfere. I have read that the Motorola Triumph will work with Sync. Any suggestions?
  10. Hi all, I have recently bought a 2010 fusion sport. I am looking to upgrade the head unit with this http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/483417238-For-Ford-Fusion-Explorer-Expedition-Edge-F-150-Car-Radio-GPS-Navigation-System-wholesalers.html I really like the fact that it loads up with ford image. My question is has anyone already Done this with this with this particular unit and are there any pitfalls you can share with me. Does it work with a 2010 dash? I believe I will lose the voice activated sync feature but I will gain a gps, DVD, rear camera, tv etc so I think it's a fair trade. Any help or advise with alternative systems would be appreciated.