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Found 2 results

  1. When I connect my iPhone Xs Max to my 2018 F150 sync immediately my cell phone number is displayed with the call timer going. I have the latest Sync firmware (however this happened before the update) The software version on my cell 14.4.2 (again, this was happening before with other versions). When Bluetooth is disconnected on my cell the call terminates I have removed Sync from my phone, rebooted both the phone and restarted the vehicle and paired the iPhone to the vehicle with the same result Appears to affect Airplay from launching
  2. I updated the SYNC in my 2014 MKZ Hybrid in October. Prior to the update, my cell phone, a LG840G, worked perfectly. Since the update, one frequent caller to me, who has a "Private Number" displayed on the caller ID, cannot get to me while I'm bluetoothed to my cell. I answer or accept the call and immediately the SYNC display shows "Call Ended". Looking at my cellphone, the call shows as still connected however, one can't speak or be heard since the bluetooth has taken over the call connecting it to SYNC. If I disable the bluetooth, my phone works fine, and never has an issue with this particular caller. Only when the bluetooth is enabled does the call end occur. I called technical support today and they were of no assistance as a "Master reboot" was requested which would delete my radio & navigation settings which is totally unacceptable. Question is WHY and then, when the update was rolled out, where was the notice that some phones could suddenly become 'incompatible' when prior to the update they operated fine. This is very disturbing and I'm seeking a remedy. RIght now, bluetooth is disabled so I can converse with this important client of mine. While that cures the issue, it requires me to hold the phone which is illegal and eliminates the auto 911 call should the airbags deploy. I hope this is seen & a resolution provided. Otherwise, I LOVE the car.