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Found 15 results

  1. 1) Hello I have a Ford Fusion Hybird 2011 and have a unique problem that seems to be a bit of a mystery. 2) Phone says its connected and can dial a number, but once the number is dialed by SYNC, i cannot hear a thing. 3) Sync says its connected. Turned Bluetooth on/off on both the phone and SYNC. Rebooted Phone. Re-paired the phone. SYNC Master Reset. SYN Module Reset. SYNC Factory Reset. SYNC Key Cycle (several times). 4) Bluetooth Audio NEVER works at the moment though it worked fine last week (as did the phone). It worked fine for almost 2 weeks. 5) Over the weekend, received an alert "Bluetooth Disconnected". Have not been able to re-establish since that time. 6) Have Sony Premium Audio with Navigation and according to Ford's website, I have 4 mini-software updates available for my current software version (point releases) 7) Am hesitant, due to lack of experience, to disconnect the battery, which I've never done before, but I read on google that some folks have gotten success with that. 😎 Sync Voice Commands work for everything except BlueTooth Audio. It simply never hears me say "Play". 9) At this point, I'd be just happy if I got the phone to work properly. I have a USB adapter to play my music. 10) Am scheduled to visit the dealer later this week as a last resort. 11) Would like to resolve this before visiting dealership altogether.
  2. I have a 2017+ Ford Fiesta with Sync 3 and 8in touchscreen and a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone. I'm in the UK. Since buying the car in late October I've found some glitches in how the car and phone work together through Android Auto. For example: - Sometimes if I'm listening to Spotify via AA then make or receive a phone call, after the call the audio is coming only from the front speakers or goes to the radio rather than returning to Spotify - Sometimes when I connect the phone to the car via a USB cable the connection isn't made first time and I have to try again These aren't enormous problems but they're irritating. I wonder if how I connect the two could be to blame. So I have some questions: - Given that Android Auto works via a USB cable rather than Bluetooth, should I switch off Bluetooth entirely, or is it needed for AA to function? - What is the optimum sequence of events when connecting and disconnecting? Currently I switch on the car's ignition, wait for Sync 3 to start up and make a Bluetooth connection to the phone, then connect the cable. Most times (but not always), AA then starts up. When I leave the car I switch off the engine, then open the door so Sync 3 switches off, then when the screen is blank I disconnect the USB lead. Is this the right way to do it? Can the Sync 3 on/off switch be used in any way? Any tips on how to make the Sync 3 Android Auto experience glitch-free would be appreciated.
  3. The SYNC in my 2016 Fiesta suddenly stopped working last weekend for no apparent reason. It was working fine, I got out of the car to eat breakfast, and when I got back in it was no longer working. My boyfriend and I tried all the trouble-shooting techniques we could find (Master Reset, SYNC Reboot, pulling and plugging in the SYNC fuse, and disconnecting/reconnecting the battery) and nothing fixed the issue. The strange thing is, we were able to connect my phone to the car still and make outgoing phone calls using Bluetooth. The command button on the steering wheel worked when you press the PHONE button, but not when we press MEDIA. We're even able to press the command button on the steering wheel when in the PHONE menu and tell the car to play Bluetooth audio. This however only worked once and since nothing in the sync system is working: the media button, the phone button, the voice command, the media and/phone menu section. The USB port and Aux port also no longer work, I believe that is related to the media not working. I did recently upgrade from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 8 Plus, so I was thinking it could be compatibility issues between the new phone and the SYNC system, but my boyfriend?s iPhone 6 won't connect either - it always was able to before. Anyone have any ideas? I really don't want to take it to the dealer if there is a simple fix but we're out of ideas. Thanks for any help!
  4. My iPhone SE can pair with Sync through the "phone" menu and I can make calls and use the voice activated features and everything. However, whenever I try to use the "Bluetooth Audio" feature, Sync can't find my phone. It says there is no bluetooth device, even though my phone is already paired with the car. I've tried the different pairing fixes offered on Ford's website, and even tried a master reset, but I still can't get my phone to connect to the "Bluetooth Audio." I'm hoping to avoid a trip to a dealership. Thank you in advance!
  5. When I make a call through hangouts or skype using Sync 3, after a few seconds of normal conversation the screen says "Call ended" and switches source to whatever was playing before. The call continues on the phone, and if I force it to go the bluetooth again from the phone it works for a few more seconds.
  6. Perhaps somebody can shed some light for me? i have a 2016 MKX with sync 3 and a new Galaxy S7phone. Up until recently i could advance or rewind songs using the Phone End or Phone Answer buttons. earlier this week those same buttons started controlling the media volume on my phone instead, and i now have to open up the phone to skip a song. thanks for any help. doug
  7. I don't know about anybody else, but I have had my Ford 2015 Mustang for less than three months and I have already had significant issues with SYNC and its connection to my phone via Bluetooth. At first it worked great, but then one month after having the car my phone was being disconnected for no reason. First it was just I couldn't play the music from my phone but then it devolved into I couldn't even use my phone for making phone calls using SYNC. I went through all the steps from Ford's website concerning these type of issues and nothing worked. I brought it into the dealership (Murphy Ford in PA) today and we will see if they can fix it. If they send it back without fixing it I'm going to be p*ssed off. I know this is not the forum for other issues besides SYNC but it should be noted that I also asked them to look at the front quarter panel that has been already coming loose (for no reason at all), probably a fastener came loose. I also asked them to fix my glove compartment because it is extremely difficult to open. I love my car despite the problems but I must say, I have had this car less than 3 months (4,100 miles on it only) and didn't expect all these little things to be going wrong already. I am afraid of what the future holds based on what I have encountered so far.
  8. I updated the SYNC in my 2014 MKZ Hybrid in October. Prior to the update, my cell phone, a LG840G, worked perfectly. Since the update, one frequent caller to me, who has a "Private Number" displayed on the caller ID, cannot get to me while I'm bluetoothed to my cell. I answer or accept the call and immediately the SYNC display shows "Call Ended". Looking at my cellphone, the call shows as still connected however, one can't speak or be heard since the bluetooth has taken over the call connecting it to SYNC. If I disable the bluetooth, my phone works fine, and never has an issue with this particular caller. Only when the bluetooth is enabled does the call end occur. I called technical support today and they were of no assistance as a "Master reboot" was requested which would delete my radio & navigation settings which is totally unacceptable. Question is WHY and then, when the update was rolled out, where was the notice that some phones could suddenly become 'incompatible' when prior to the update they operated fine. This is very disturbing and I'm seeking a remedy. RIght now, bluetooth is disabled so I can converse with this important client of mine. While that cures the issue, it requires me to hold the phone which is illegal and eliminates the auto 911 call should the airbags deploy. I hope this is seen & a resolution provided. Otherwise, I LOVE the car.
  9. Hello, Randomly, last week, my phone audio stopped coming through my car's speakers and the media player doesn't function at all. Phone calls - when paired with SYNC, the phone rings, but I cannot hear the other person, nor can they hear me. I have to change my input/output to the phone in order to communicate. Although, the screen in the car states the phone is paired and connected via bluetooth. Media player - My music will not play through the bluetooth media device (line in is not selected). Most times, it automatically disconnects my phone when I go to stream music from it. Other times, it shows up with the song title on the car's screen and looks like it is playing, but there's no sound whatsoever. I upgraded my SYNC about a month ago and haven't had any issues since last week. Very frustrated now that I cannot get it to work. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps I've performed and tech. specs.: Master reset the SYNC system Master reset on SYNC Bluetooth system Add/remove the phone from SYNC and Add/remove SYNC from the phone Download the address book when pairing Not downloading the address book when pairing Changing the ringer for the phone on SYNC Performing a network settings reset on phones Performing a factory reset on phones Tried using multiple phones; same results. 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid (latest SYNC update) iPhone 6S PLUS (iOS 9.1) iPhone 6S (iOS 9.0.2) Samsung Galaxy S5 (Kitkat) Any additional help or troubleshooting will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Tom
  10. Hello, I have a 2013 Ford Focus SE, with auto ver num (EE309F5.8.14262_sp) VPN Number (FJ5T-14D544-AB) Resent updated within the last month, but I am having some issues and I don't understand why it's happening I have preformed multiple resets and factory resets, also factory reset my phone. I am using a Samsung galaxy note 3 same phone I've used since I got the car last year. The issues. Randomly Bluetooth will not connect to media audio. When I trying to go to source and Bluetooth audio it will connect then say Bluetooth audio disconnected. I've unpaired and repaired still won't connect to audio. Says phone is connected. Sometimes when I unpair and try to repair sync will say press OK to pair and when I do it will not show up on the phone, and says on the car screen pair failed. But the is the second time it happened like this but somehow right after I called for sync to see if they knew of a way to fix it, sync connected and worked great for about a month. Now this is a new issue, as described above it happened again today 7/24/15 AND now I can't even get the Bluetooth to turn on. Please help? If I knew how to reflash sync onto the car I would but I can't or know how to. I really don't want to pay 100 dollars to have the Bluetooth looked at.
  11. I have a 2013 F-250 with everything Ford offers: SYNC, Navigation, Sirius, Bluetooth and radio. My system is up-to-date as of today, August 7, 2014. A couple of months ago I started experiencing problems with voice recognition like I would say "Call John Smith on Cell" and the system would say "Call Alexander Graham Bell at Home" and proceed to call that person. Then, a few weeks ago, as I was coming out of my garage, the Sirius system was looking for satellites and someone called my phone. After that call, my bluetooth did not work, I could not make voice commands, Sirius subscriptions were wiped out (I subscribe to all of them and paid 1 year in advance) and probably worst of all, I had no radio of any kind. Sirius did a hard reset from their end and most of the subscriptions came back. I did the reset from the screen and nothing changed. I took it to the Ford dealer and they tried updating the system software but because it was up-to-date, it would not take it. The service guy said that I could make an appointment for a week later and then said "If you want it to work fast, try disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes (the truck has 2) and that should do a hard reset." I took the battery cables off as instructed using an 8mm wrench and it was easy and quick and after reconnecting, the system worked perfectly and only my GPS recent destinations were lost. BUT, the system deteriorates at faster cycles. First about 10 days then 5 and the last one was like 3 days. I have an appointment with a SYNC specialist on August 12. Anyone else have this problem? Solutions? Advice?
  12. Was having some issues connecting to bluetooth audio, did a master resest, now when I go to the Connect Bluetooth Devices screen, the "Add" button is no longer available, it is greyed out. Any idea how to get this back working? My original issue was that I could sync to bluetooth but only for phone calls, bluetooth audio for media wouldn't work any more, and my phone wouldn't let me select it in the bluetooth settings. I will worry about that again once I can connect the device to Sync.
  13. I just bought a 2011 Ford Fusion SE and so far just about everything is working great! I got home and I decided I wanted to try to play music from my 1GB thumbdrive. I had to manually move the song one by one from iTunes to my thumbdrive. No problem there. So, I took the thumbdrive and I inserted it into the USB port in my car and it worked perfectly ! Displayed Artist name, and song name! Well when my fiance got home I was so excited I wanted to show her and so we got in the car and it wouldnt work ?!?!? It just displayed that the USB was empty! So I thought maybe the cars sync system somehow erased my drive?! I plugged it back into my computer and it still has all the songs on it and it is formatted in FAT32. So, I dont know what the heck is going on?! My brother and I took a look and discovered my sync needed to be updated, so he used one of his thumb drives to update it and it read his thumb drive perfectly and then I once again tried my thumbdrive with the music and it read USB EMPTY. I am not sure what to do or what the problem is? Its formatted correctly, all the songs are MP3's and like I said before, it worked the first time but hasnt worked since?! Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. Jumping right in. We've known for sometime Bluetooth MAP support was lacking in iOS devices. Looks like iOS 6, per the update info, has "Bluetooth MAP support." Looks like we might be able to text via SYNC soon!-) I'll let you know once i give it all a try. Let me know if you guys have any luck. I'll be trying it on my 09 FEH Happy texting!-)
  15. I have 2013 Edge with MFT, but no navigation. I am not much of a fan of the voice calling capability of it....it's way worse than android's default voice bluetooth calling app ("voice dialing" i think it's called) Add to that, that I've also got a voice assistant app (Dragon Mobile Assistant) which allows me to: get directions to anywhere send texts (which I think Sync still can't handle with all androids) have texts read (again, sync can't for my phone) create calendar reminders Long & short is, my dumb bluetooth headset is more capable than sync, because it takes advantage of my phone. Does anyone know of a way that sync can simply trigger my 'default' bluetooth call button app?