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  1. Some more digging has turned up a v5.11 update to the original SYNC 1.x system. I'm going to give it a try, why not. Here's that file: https://willtaylor.org/ford-sync-1-0-1-1-update-fix-with-download/
  2. I think I found the files. Reddit got me started: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ford/comments/vid0in/sync_gen_1_update_files/ Then ended up here (lots of good info there): https://www.f150forum.com/f38/sync-4-4-4-6-files-412171/index9/ And ultimately the update files on a Dropbox, still there! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4r7kbo76wow5l5n/AABZaD3dvDqDTkyL6mHBqbQGa?dl=0 I still need to figure out what version is currently installed on my Edge just in case I need to revert. I'll report back on that and how the update goes. Some people like the v4.4 update better than the v4.6 update because aparenetly they removed Siri compativility in v4.6? I don't use that so I'm going to go with v4.6. People report that downgrading is possible so I'll downgrade to v4.4 if necessary. To clear up any confusion, this is a SYNC 1.0 (basic) system which doesn't have a small or large screen, just the basic green led display. Even though it is SYNC 1.0 the newest software version for it is v4.6, that does not mean it upgrades your system to SYNC 4, they are two different things. One is the version of the SYNC system itself, the other is the software version number for that iteration of the SYNC system.
  3. Yes, the USB port is in the center console under the arm rest. If you check out this video he talks about the USB port location and the his display is green LED only, no screen. Granted this video is about a Fusion and I have an Edge, but it is all very similar. It is definitely an early SYNC system. When I connect via bluetooth it shows up as SYNC on my phone. Also, this logo is right above the gear shift: The main issue is that the Ford site does not seem to recognize that my VIN should have Sync updates associated with it. I have no idea how to obtain the update files because of this. Normally they would be downloadable from their site. To be clear, there is a significant update that allows bluetooth to work better and I would like to have that. Right now it is a real pain!
  4. My new-to-me 2008 Ford Edge Limited has the green LED display, not a screen / touchscreen, it looks like this: I'm trying in 2023 to update it to the newest SYNC version available. I put my VIN into the Ford owners site and created an account. When I check the Vehical Dashboard on the site is shows these squares. Note I had the airbags replaced recently but I guess that info hasn't made it into Ford's database yet. I've circled the Software Update square and the confusing message. Here's what it looks like: When I click on View Details this comes up: When I click on the Support link it takes me to "Ford Power Up Software Updates" but that doesn't seem to apply to the non-screen version of SYNC. When I click to The How to Change Connectivity Settings links it suggests I go here: https://www.ford.com/support/sync-maps-updates/ That page shows this after I enter by VIN again: But I'm pretty sure this type of SYNC system (which I don't know what to call the system that only has the green LED interface) does have updates, as suggested by this video: But I can't do the update if I can't obtain the files to put on a USB stick and install them. Can anyone please point me in the right direction on what kind of system I have (is it just called SYNC 1?) and how I can obtain an update file. Thank you