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  1. Wiremaniac

    SYNC 3 WIFI mac address

    I have a 2020 F-150 XLT. Unfortunately there isn’t anything there. Thanks
  2. I am trying to connect to the wifi at my residence which relies on mac address filtering for security purposes. Does anyone know where to find the vehicle's wifi mac address?
  3. I am having trouble with the Ford Pass app where it is not updating the information on the "Vehicle" screen of my 2020 F-150 XLT. I have tried soft resets but to no avail. I am leading up to doing a master reset, but it indicates that the system will be restored to factory defaults. Since I am not certain that my upgrades to the vehicle (trailer brake controller and subwoofer) will be restored, I am hesitant to do the master reset. This could be something to worry about if I have to pay the dealership to reprogram the system. I do not know if any of the technicians are saving the new configurations to disk/thumb drive after performing an upgrade. So, is this a valid concern? Is it possible for me to save the configuration without having specialized interface equipment?