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  1. This communications and usb module is a black plastic rectangle box. The module is mounted under the very front of the center console, behind the panel that holds the cigarette lighter, up on the firewall. It easily slides out. Pop the side center console trim and main side panel out with a screw driver or blue trim removal plastic tool. do the passenger side only and reach up underneath the module, press up to unlock the module from the slide mount and pull it out into where the top of your feet go on the pasenger side. Careful undoing the clips to the connectors. A challenge to figure out and cheap plastic tabs. The problem is I cant find the part. FB5T-14B428-GB. this module has a single socket for the one USB port my 2014 Fusion has. There is a version that i can find a FB5T-14B428-AB, which has 2 usb sockets. Has anyone had any experience with these? these are some of the earliest Sync modules out there. for 4.5 inch non nav screens. Wondering if I buy an AB unit and just plug in to one of the ports if it will work, Also, how do I program in the bluetooth address? of the new module? Anyone with any ideas or comments other than, upgrade your system will be appreciated. I love this car and want it stock Thanks