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  1. Snyper82

    SYNC 1 - Nothing...

    Does the backup camera run through the sync module?
  2. Snyper82

    SYNC 1 - Nothing...

    Part No: FS7T - 14B428 - GB
  3. Snyper82

    SYNC 1 - Nothing...

    I was on car-part.com when I realized I didn't know the part number. I couldn't search any farther than the select your part screen without knowing what I was looking for in the audiovisual section. I'll just take mine out and get the part number from that. If I want it tested, I assume I have to go to a dealership for that?
  4. Snyper82

    SYNC 1 - Nothing...

    How do I know which one is sync 1 , most searches bring up sync 3 and 2 but that all kinda look the same Do you have a model number(s)?
  5. Hello, brand new to the forums! Also, just bought a new-to-me 2015 fusion SE! :) This is the second fusion I've owned, both have had the sync version 1 in them. This one, however, isn't functioning or isn't functioning most of the time. We can get it to "work" every now and then, but mostly nadda. When you press the phone button, nothing happens, when you press the phone button on the steering wheel... also nothing. When you press Sync Media, sometimes if just goes back to radio, sometimes it goes to a blank sync media screen, no, the USB and LINE IN options are not available. The advanced menu isn't there, master reset isn't an option. Now, once since we bought it on 11/8/21 we've been able to get it to ask for a phone pairing... and once we've had the option of a master reset, which took over 25min (entire drive) and was given up on. I've tried fuse 33 and fuse 32 and I've pulled the batter terminal where to next?