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  1. ffpmme

    Indexing USB then nothing.

    Tried to do install it with the folder set up that Multitask showed and now it is giving me a bad download error. This is so frustrating, It is going for a oil change in a week or so, can for do this update?
  2. ffpmme

    Indexing USB then nothing.

    Ok, looking at that, the auto instal and do not index are inside sync folder. I will try to move them outside and see if it works
  3. ffpmme

    Indexing USB then nothing.

    I am doing this off a Mac and I did get those direction and followed them for the set up. I am going to try it again, but this time I am going to put each file on the drive individually and not in a file folder containing the 9 files but 9 individual files. EDIT; the update is only 1.88 GB and has 7 zipped files. Does that sound correct? Will try that and then report back
  4. Good Morning, I have been trying to update the navi system, and I was told that I needed to update my Sync also. So I downloaded that and set it up. I have the 8/30/21 edition of the upgrade. But nothing happens. I plug in the USB and the screen says indexing SyncmyRide, next it says Indexing complete. Then nothing, Not sure if it is the download the car or what? But this is a bit frustrating. Is there any difference between the upgrades? Is it even worth my time and frustration with the sync and navigation upgrades? Thanks