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  1. Wrong. People are NOT reading this and just replying. I successfully created the route with 5 way points. The question is how to reuse and the answer is to rebuild from Favorites.
  2. I successfully created the route with 5 way points. The question is how to save and reuse. Another workaround, I touched the way points on the map and and was able to save them as Favorites with Voice of their Names that (theoretically) should allow me to add them in using voice commands while driving should I lose them. I also changed each of their icons to be a map Pin versus a star. It's better than nothing...
  3. 2013 Ford Escape SEL Sync Touch (screen has quadrants). Software up to date as of 9/21/2021 and Map Database is A12. I created a Route using Navigation from Illinois through Iowa and Nebraska to Colorado with Way-points. Is there a way to SAVE the ROUTE with the WAY-POINTS for later retrieval and use? If I Cancel the Route or create a new Route then want to go back to the Route with Way-points, I fear I will lose the way-points. Going to Previous Destinations and selecting the Final destination would only compute a new route from existing location. One workaround I can think of is to create a SEPARATE Route to each Way-point that would establish them in Previous Destinations and then I could select them each time I left the latest Way-point along the Route and tell Navigation to "Save as "Way-point". I would need to do them in order. Or perhaps, I could use Previous Destinations to add them all in and then OPTIMIZE to make sure order is correct while starting the route. It was VERY TIME CONSUMING to create the Route with 5 Way points because even for $150, the Map and Navigation software don't understand or cannot find Points Of Interest such as World's Largest Truck Stop like Google Maps can. The system also failed to find addresses that don't fit the norm such as "W Iowa 80 Rd, Walcott, IA ", so I had to research intersections. Even then, it does not accept intersections such as "I 80 W Exit 289" because "Exit" is a keyword that equals "Cancel". Typing didn't work either. Very disappointing for time consuming and expensive system.