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  1. After what appeared to be an issue triggered by an automatic Sync update to my 2020 Edge just over a week ago, FordPass is no longer able to connect to the vehicle. The FordPass app continues to work just fine with another vehicle. Long story short, after working through the issue (no success) with a FordPass Guide, I was directed to set up an appointment to take the vehicle in to the dealer to address a connectivity issue related to the modem (per the FordPass guide) covered by Special Service Message (SSM) #49085. Being a curious, retired Ford engineer who worked for years on Ford electronics (Ford and Visteon), can anyone give me any insight into what the "root cause" may be and possibly shed any light on what SSM #49085 does to resolve it? If it's possibly just a matter of disconnecting the battery and letting the vehicle sit for some period of time to force some sort of a "reboot", I have the skills to handle that! Thanks, in advance for any insight! I hope this post might also be helpful to others as well.