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  1. I was able to update Sync 3 to v3.0, but the maps aren’t updated. You were able to update your maps to current version?
  2. Thank you to you both for your inputs! Maybe that's what I'll do, just find a VIN from a truck at a salvage yard and use that to update my sync. I don't want to mess anything up that someone else will need. Unless someone has any ideas on how to update the maps, I think Multitask is right - I doubt I'll be able to update the maps.
  3. Thank you for your response. The VIN listed in the head unit matches the VIN of the truck. If I use another VIN inside the owner website, would that affect someone else's vehicle if they need to do an update?
  4. Hi all, I recently bought a 2016 F-150 with Sync 3 with Navigation. I'm trying to update Sync3 - however, and here's the rub - the truck didn't come with navigation originally. It was added by the previous owner. When I go to owner.ford's website for the update files, the files I download are obviously VIN specific, so it gives me the files to update Sync 3 without navigation. When I plug my USB drive into the port in my truck, an error pops up and says the files are for non-nav vehicles, which my truck used to be. I need to be pointed in the right direction on how to get the files that update Sync 3 with navigation. I spoke with 3 dealers in my area, and only one is willing to even attempt to update my system. The other 2 wanted nothing to do with this. I spoke with Ford's IVT team several times, and they said it shouldn't be a problem for a dealer to update the system, but now I'm nervous that a dealer CAN'T do it and I'm going to be billed for tech time regardless. Any help at all is very much appreciated. I'm just spinning in circles on this.