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  1. Sorry it's not the Sony. It's with Microsoft Sync.
  2. Bluetooth, Sirius, AM/FM, etc seems to works.. I say seems to work because I'm not getting any sound. I can change stations, sources, and settings.
  3. JetFixxxer

    2013 Ford Escape

    Lost all sound and master reset isn't working.
  4. JetFixxxer

    2013 Ford Escape

    The speakers crackle like blown, then just go silent. If I put the USB to update the speakers start working for about an 1/2 hour.
  5. JetFixxxer

    2013 Ford Escape

    I am having issue with current and I don't use iPhone. I keep losing the radio when I hook up my Note 9 or any other phone for that matter. SiriusXM, BT Audio, and USB play great when I have no phone connected bluetooth. Once I connect phone the audio can last a day or a few hours before it goes silent.
  6. JetFixxxer

    2013 Ford Escape

    Ford's telling me there a 4.6 update. It's Sync power by Microsoft.
  7. JetFixxxer

    2013 Ford Escape

    With Sync version currently installed Fj5T-14D544-AB. Trying to installed latest, but keep getting installation files not found. The DONTINDEX.MSA file isn't in the zip file as per the instructions. Not sure if that's the issue or not. I'm using a 8gb drive formatted to exfat.