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  1. NCEcoBoost

    Where Do Vehicle Health Reports Go?

    Thanks, bbf. I looked through the FordPass app on my phone and it shows the current oil life, among other things, but not anywhere near the full report. I'm suspecting that if I connect the phone to Sync and then look through AppLink, I'll find it there. It has NEVER given me the option of emailing it, unlike our 15 year-old Chevy, that does it flawlessly every month. I suspect that may be due to my not having FordConnect or a modem (GM has had a modem in most of its vehicles since around 2004, but Ford just installed one in most for the 2019 model year, as you know).
  2. NCEcoBoost

    Where Do Vehicle Health Reports Go?

    Not talking about system updates, that I've never had problems with. Talking about Vehicle Health Reports that I try to run monthly, manually (connecting the phone via cable to in-car FordPass) since my car has no modem, ahem.
  3. Well, here we go yet again with another Sync tech issue. Ever since Ford redid the Ford Owner website, I can't figure out how to get my Vehicle Health Reports after I run them (manually) as there is no link on that page for them (I've told Ford about the oversight and it was, typically, ignored). I'd saved a bookmark for the former Owner site so I could access the Reports, which worked for a while, and now it's kaput. I do NOT have FordPass Connect ('17 Fusion SE without the luxury package but WITH the Sync3/Tech package, so no what was called back then, Sync Connect). The Health Reports do not appear anywhere on my phone after I run one, as well. They must go somewhere, but I have no idea where. Ideas? Thanks! Happy New Year! (Many manufacturers send them to the email address on record but Ford hasn't figured that one out yet, apparently).
  4. I DID find the time amidst the activity to update my system and it went smoothly. Took only about 20 minutes. BUT, now I'm back to the FordPass app not communicating with the car despite the acceptable phone so I can't run a Vehicle Health Report (again). Probably a separate issue and I tried all of the tricks from earlier in the year, with no success. I responded to Ford's request for an opinion on the new Ford Owner site in an appropriately scathing manner. Kiddos must be back on the job now that school is out, messing things up yet again. It's a joke all over the Net about kindergarteners running Ford's tech ops (not started by me) and Ford seems clueless. Beyond laughable. Just pathetic.
  5. So, now, it appears, that this new version of Sync3 IS available to me and I don't have in-dash nav. Couldn't have come at a worse time (brain dead Ford, again). Have a houseful of visitors and then summer trips. I think I'll just wait until early Fall when things should be a lot quieter and calmer.
  6. To give one last update, I FINALLY got a Vehicle Health Report run successfully yesterday. The 2 final problems were: 1) I needed to give the FordPass app all of the permissions since it had none with the new phone, and 2) I had to access the Ford Owner site via MS Edge and not Google Chrome, as noted above. THEN and only, then, all went well. My final thoughts on this whole fiasco are that it was a ROYAL pain in the arse.
  7. So, to update, I connected my new phone (Android v.10) to the car this morning and then to FordPass and all went well. FP recognized the vehicle in the app and in the car and I figured for sure that a new Vehicle Health Report would be waiting for me upon arrival home. Wrong. The Ford Owner site claims that I do not own a Ford, wants me to add a vehicle and when I try do that, ta da! - my Fusion is right there. So, Ford Owner is now a royal mess. Now I'm convinced it's not teenagers running the tech side of Ford, it's monkeys, for sure. Additional update/new info: I've discovered, thanks to an F-150 site (!) that the Ford Owner site hates Google Chrome. I got in successfully using Microsoft Edge, vehicle was shown, but no new Vehicle Health Report. You should hear how annoyed those F-150 owners are about Ford tech! They're also on the teenager/monkeys bandwagon. Better fix this mess, Ford!
  8. This is my last response to this issue since it has zilch to do with the topic. You always manage to get the subject off-track, like many on the "other site" do and turn it into a "Ford is the best, no matter what" debate. Even though my Fusion is almost paid for, it has very low miles, so I'll stick with it until the extended warranty expires (I am subject to that nasty engine replacement possibility as well). But, probably will go back to GM after that unless I want another sedan and then it's the Japanese, most likely.
  9. So, yesterday, I googled "Phone Requirements for FordPass" again and was led to the stats that I posted above. Android Version 8 or higher...I hate to say that I had anything to do with it, but it makes sense that GooglePlay now doesn't show FordPass if my phone doesn't meet the minimum standards. Good news is that my phone provider had restocked since the beginning of the month and a new phone is on the way with Android Version 10. Happy, Ford? But I'm furious that an auto manufacturer can dictate when I buy a new phone and won't forget it.
  10. Highly unlikely. I had trouble with you over on the Blue Oval site, so please MYOB.
  11. So now we're going from bad to worse. As of right now, FordPass has disappeared completely from the Google Play store. Since I'm using the car later today, I thought I'd try to uninstall it (again) and reinstall it, but it's nowhere to be found.
  12. We have a recent GM vehicle as well with NO infotainment issues. OnStar just does it thing, flawlessly. Perhaps newer Fords with modems are better, but I believe that Ford's lax attitude (and it's the lax attitude that's the problem here. When I reported my issue to Ford, all I received back was a laughing emojii - VERY mature) with infotech all began with the dreadful MyFordTouch. It's improved a bit but still lags other brands (except the user interface, which is great). Honda is perhaps the only other non-luxury mainstream brand being knocked about as well these days, but in that case, it's being outdated..
  13. I don't have an iPhone and would never buy an overpriced Apple anything.
  14. Talking about buying my NEXT vehicle. I never had all these tech issues with other brands, like GM.
  15. I'm using Windows 10. Don't know about Ford. It's still on the fritz. I have an appt. at the Ford dealer for annual inspection next week and I'll ask. Wanna bet they're clueless?