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  1. This is certainly on the list of reasons to avoid a Ford product in the future. They must have hamsters running the technology side and simply don't give a sh*t.
  2. More updates. I went out to the driveway and first did a Sync3 System Reset (good news is that I got Voice Recognition back that had disappeared). Then I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Then I cleared both the app cache and app data. End result is that it still says "Unfortunately FordPass has stopped", so I'm inclined to think that my system requirements info is the correct one. Found a reasonably priced new phone with Android 10.0 but it's out of stock (chip shortage probably) and won't let me even backorder it (half the price of the one at Amazon). So, no FordPass for me. For a while.
  3. I Googled "Phone Requirements for FordPass" and came to a link that had the info I posted. I'll try and update this post with that. Interesting that your info is dated later than mine, BUT that doesn't explain why the app hasn't worked on my phone since late January, even with the constant app updates. Edit: I typed in "Android Requirements" in the FAQ section of FordPass in the FordPass section of the Ford Owner site and this is what it shows (I did see a date yesterday of sometime in Feb. '21). This morning, I found a slew of postings about the inop app over the past 3 years and they all say that I need to perform a Sync3 Master Reset. Which makes no sense because the app doesn't work when I'm nowhere near the car.: Question: android requirements Answer: FordPass Phone Compatibility Android Software requirements: Software version 8.0 and up iOS Software requirements: Software 13.0 or later Apple Watch 6.0 or later Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  4. Since my Samsung Galaxy S6 stopped communicating with FordPass after January 2021, I finally dug a little deeper, and the subject is what I've discovered. I need to upgrade to at least an S8. Since my phone meets my needs for now, bye, bye, FordPass. This was posted by Ford in February 2021.
  5. NCEcoBoost

    voice recognition not ready 2016 ford sync 3

    Yes, I did see the Drivers Assist Package as well. BUT, it required the Luxury Package, that I didn't want, so I skipped the whole thing. BTW, I just saw in the Owners Manual how easy it is to do a reset, so I'll do it next time I'm out and about.
  6. NCEcoBoost

    voice recognition not ready 2016 ford sync 3

    Thanks for the advice. Sync3 was available on the '17 Fusion SE with the Technology Package (which is what I have), in addition to the Luxury Package. Sync Connect only came on the LP, which is what the brochure screwed up on - it had said it was on the TP and I expected to have it but don't. Oh, Ford....I have to go to the dealership soon for the annual state inspection, so I'll mention it then. Yeah, I know how to do a reset, but let them do it, I hope. Watch me have other issues afterward. (I still can't get the Ford Pass app to work; after it updated again yesterday, I finally sent a report about it. Bet they've designed it to no longer work on older phones, like my Galaxy S6. I'm NOT buying a new phone just for this nonsense).
  7. NCEcoBoost

    voice recognition not ready 2016 ford sync 3

    Sync3, 2017 Fusion, Version 3.0. Steering wheel button doesn't do anything. No prompt whatsoever. TBH, I hadn't ever tried this until yesterday as I was waiting for a vaccine shot and had tons of time to burn in the car. Ideas?
  8. NCEcoBoost

    New SYNC 3.4 update available

    Well, this has gone from bad to worse. I still haven't been able to run a Vehicle Health Report since early January. Yesterday, the FordPass app updated. Today, all it says is "Unfortunately, FordPass has stopped". Deleted the app, reinstalled it and am getting the same thing. This is really a bunch of sh*t, Ford!
  9. NCEcoBoost

    New SYNC 3.4 update available

    I updated all of my Android apps a while ago and it included FordPass. I had last updated the apps on 2/20/21. Didn't check the version. App looks identical to pre-update. Problem is that I'm not planning on running errands now (working at home) until next Thursday when I have meetings. If I think of it before then, I'll try it in the driveway.
  10. NCEcoBoost

    New SYNC 3.4 update available

    Yeah, after a ton of owner complaints, Ford decided to install a modem in vehicles equipped with Sync4, so that means that all these shenanigans with connecting the phone are history, for those lucky owners. I feel like I'm living in the 1900s since I had GMs OnStar in 2 previous vehicles that had a modem. SPEAKING OF WHICH, I have been unable to run FordPass in my vehicle for several weeks now. It says "Please wait while we collect information" and then never does. I can't run Vehicle Health Reports because of this matter. I don't have in-dash nav, so I haven't had notice about an update to Sync3 for about (maybe over) a year now. Yes, I check the Ford Owner site regularly. I believe that I'm still on Version 3.0. 3.3 and 3.4, to the best of my knowledge, were only for nav-equipped vehicles. I'll look and see if there is an update to the FordPass phone app, shortly, because all this started the last time the phone app was updated.
  11. NCEcoBoost

    Ford Pass Broken?

    My Android phone was acting funny last week after the update. All of a sudden Ford Pass piped up and instructed me to immediately install the latest Sync3 update (I have done them all, for my vehicle, anyway), and then vanished. I went directly into FP and got nothing, so I waited. Took a few minutes and then it appeared with everything seemingly back to normal. I'll try a Vehicle Health Report next week. Right now my Fusion is headed into the dealership tomorrow for a "TSB" to prevent needing a new engine, so I'm kinda swamped. Just gotta love Ford, ahem.
  12. This reply won't help, but haven't you ever heard the saying "never buy a new model in its first year"?
  13. NCEcoBoost

    Sync 3 Update For 2016-2018 Escape

    I also received that email ('17 Fusion), as well as an email telling me to update navigation maps. I do not have in-dash NAV, and the Ford Owner website also tells me that no updates to Sync are available. Just ignore it is my advice. Ford is messed up yet again.
  14. NCEcoBoost

    Oil % after 5,000 miles

    Since we own both a Ford and Chevy with oil life monitors, I can answer this with certainty. Both vehicles have low miles and spend a lot of time sitting. The monitor in the Ford is what is called "smart" and accounts for oil degradation over time, not just mileage. The Chevy monitor does not. After 3K miles, the Chevy is only down to 80%, whereas after the same miles, the Ford would be down to approx. 25%. I just change the oil in both every 4-5 months and ignore the monitors.
  15. NCEcoBoost

    Unable to Download Update

    The Ford sites are experiencing a post-Thanksgiving hangover. I was unable to perform a monthly Vehicle Health Report yesterday and today, Ford advised me that my navigation maps need an update. Only problem is that I don't have in-dash navigation! What a mess. Not atypical.