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  1. I think there is an update to come. One of IOS12s improvements is to allow Google Maps on the display but It was not listed as an app when you scroll through. Anybody been able to get google maps to appear in car play?
  2. This comes from first post on this thread: If I have a folder labeled "Playlist" with no "s" on the end, Sync will say that the "Playlist folder is empty." If I have a folder labeled "Playlists" with the "s" at the end then after indexing the playlist button disappears. Check and check on both of those. I have a mixture of MP3s and M4a out of itunes and Sync plays the both no problem. I will try itunes export to see what it does different but the m3u file is built as you list. I have 2 versions now 1 with all the #EXTINF tags out of itunes (with drive info removed) on it and one with a different name that has all the #extinf info removed. I tried removing the playlist folder and moving the playlist files to the root so I have a couple files and 1 directly built as listed above. Sync response to playlist button is "Playlist folder is empty." So no change. I have tried Master Reset but that did not change a thing. I agree it should be easy but its not for me for some reason. My Escape Titanium's Sync3 is at version 2.2. I am going to try the playlists folder with "s" again and both versions of the m3u files as well as itunesexport program. Maybe I can work this out.
  3. I can't get playlist to work, first I learned here that it is "Playlists" not "Playlist". When I fixed that now the playlist button is no longer in the list under browse. Tried voice to see if it works but that does not work either. When I had the folder named "Playlist" with no s at the end and hit the playlist button the unit would tell me the folder is empty, as soon as I fixed the folder name I lost the feature. I know others have seen it, any ideas what I have done different. Sync3 version is 2.2. Thanks
  4. I will add to this issue a little, I have a 2017 Escape and put together a usb drive with songs and audiobooks. I wanted to make playlists for the books so the tracks would be in order. It took me a few days to find this sight to know that the playlist folder has to be "playlists", not "playlist". Here is the interesting part, when I had it spelled without the "s" at the end the playlist button would show up and it would say "Playlist folder is empty". When I fixed the spelling the playlist folder disappears. I tried to use voice and it fails to understand the word playlist so I think the feature is broken or I'm just doing it wrong.
  5. I will ask a question of both of you since my unit, 2017 escape, has a similiar problem. When this happens do you also have your phone connected by USB? For me if I have my iphone connected via USB (carplay or not) it will do t his but if I connect via bluetooth I don't seam to have the problem. Does that match your experience?