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  1. Dogbert62

    Sync screen needs brightness UP to dim??!?

    Same issue on my transit connect.... I switch the lights from AUTO to ON and then back to AUTO which puts the sync3 into night mode.. not the best work-around but fairly easy Dogbert
  2. Well... after working with the 18093 for a while, i can say it hasn't fixed my issues. It is now intermittent which isn't my recollection of the older version. 1) Does not always go into night mode when starting the car in the dark. work-around.. a. leave the Sync3 in night mode display. b. turn the headlight switch from auto-> on -> auto 2) reverts to the last AM/FM station when tuned to XM and you turn off the car. work-around.. turn of audio before turning of car 3) reminds you that updates can be done via wifi. work-around.. turn off auto WiFi updates. Dogbert62
  3. All, I apologize to everyone.... I spoke way too soon.. The screen stays bright generally when I start the car in the dark and the XM station reverts to the last AM/FM station when I turn off the car.. Oddly, the Auto update message hasn't shown up unlike others on this forum.. Sorry again.. I seemed to work when I was testing it out on the first night.. Dogbert62
  4. Rbryant, I *fought* with the system to get it to update.... I went on this forum and found that the 18093 was posted so I went to the car and manually kicked off an update check. It found an update and started the download of the .tar.gz Since WiFi updating has been a scurge.. I also went to owner.Ford.com to check for the update. Yesterday, the their website was crashing and burning for me but it initially said that I was up to date on 17276 (or similar version). Well,, I couldn't wait for the WiFi so I went about my business in town. Came back and kicked off the WiFi update again and checked the owner site again. This time, the website said that I had an update and started the USB build. Finished the build in a couple hours and went to the car to do the update. But.... The WiFI completed the update.... go figure... Dogbert62
  5. All I have upgraded my Sync 3 to 3.0 build 18093. At first blush, my issues seem to be fixed 1) WiFi automatic update gave an annoying message when you start the vehicle A)I have left it in automatic for a few car on/off cycles and no notification 2) Last update moved my clock time by an hour and it was back and forth to get it correct A) no issues this time 3) The sync screen wouldn't go into night mode when I started my car at night A) This also seems to be fixed. I will need more on/off cycles at night to be sure. 4) XM reverting back to a FM/Am station when you turned the car off without turning off the audio A) this has been my biggest "first world" complaint.... but I think this is fixed as well... What are your experiences?? Dogbert62
  6. Dogbert62

    Sync 3 3.0 has gotten very glitchy

    All, Just for fun, I installed the beta release known as 18093 but have downgraded back to 18025_PRODUCT since the beta version didn't seem to clear up any of the wonky issues I have seen. Specifically, 18093 still asked to set the auto WiFi download every time I turned on the van. It also would change from XM to FM if I left the radio on when I turned off the car. Also, the Android Auto link seemed to go away after driving awhile even though I was still USB connected. I had to unplug and re-plug in to get android auto back... I was also hoping that Waze for android might be enabled (Not). Although it may have a few stability upgrades that are hidden, the results didn't fix my visible issues.. Just my results if you plan to go rogue and try the beta release 18093... Dogbert
  7. My experience with sync 3 FW/3.0 1) AA broke.. had to wait for an updated AA version to get it to work 2) The time changed by 1hr.. I had to add an hour.. lasted until I turned off the car then i had to decrease by an hour... I have gone back and forth a few times. Now trying a few other thoughts to keep it from automatically update the time 3) I am an XM junkie... When I turn off the van with a XM channel active, it goes to FM radio when I turn the van back on.. It didn't do this on previous versions of Sync 3 4) the WiFI notice as mentioned above.. All of these are listed in this thread.. my guess is i can find a work around for everything except #3 The one thing that I hope got fixed in FW 3.0 is the wonky autolamp setup.. It works most of the time but about 20% of the time, the Sync 3 doesn't get the signal to go into night mode. I can turn the headlamp knob from auto -> On -> auto and it goes into night mode but this is a pain... Dogbert
  8. Dogbert62

    Sync 3 v3.0 broke my AA on LG-v20

    All, A new update to AA solved the issue... I have been monitoring the Play store and a new version became available yesterday.. Loaded it up and it eventually worked. Ran into a Google Play Services issue that was solved by co-loading on the car and phone simultaneously... Glad to have Google maps and Google assistant back!!
  9. Dogbert62

    Sync 3 v3.0 broke my AA on LG-v20

    Thanks Everyone... However, I think I am SOL... Tried new cable.. new USB port.. Killed cache... Killed AA again and re-installed.. checked video linked by njchris to see if there was anything I missed.. Nope.. Looks like I am hosed until a new update.. Hopefully on the AA side.. This will give me time to fully investigate Sync 3 yet I will truly miss the integrated Google maps and Google Assistant.. Oh well... first world problem Regards Dogbert62
  10. Dogbert62

    Sync 3 v3.0 broke my AA on LG-v20

    I have tried both ideas... sort of... I will give both a try specifically for the heck of it.. Thanks for the ideas..
  11. Updated Sync 3 to version 3.0 today using a USB stick.. When I plug in the USB cable, I get the following... "Sync is trying to initialize Android Auto, Please check device" It then seems to time out and not load AA. The good news is the Phone and most of the TXT messaging work through BT I have done a master reset and deleted->reloaded AA on my LG V20.. No Joy Any Ideas??? Dogbert
  12. Last month while in the android auto home screen (android_screen.png), I could exit by touching either the circle icon or the one that looks like the fuel gauge on the bottom right. Now, the circle icon exits to the google home screen with google cards (like the weather card). When I used to exit, with cable still attached, the sync 3 home screen would come up (sync3home.jpg) and the Nav icon would be the star. I could tough the icon and load native nav. Now when I exit with the cable attached, the star icon is replaced with the google maps icon shown on the Android Auto screen (sync3home2.jpg) and it re-launches android auto and runs google maps. Not sure that makes much sense.. I guess the bottom line is.. that I used to be able to run native nav with the cable attached by exiting AA... now I can't without disconnecting the cable Dogbert62
  13. Thanks for the replies.. Earlier, when I exited Android Auto, the native NAV "star" icon was on the Sync3 home screen. Now it is the Google maps icon on the Sync3 home screen. And yes... If I disconnect the USB, the native icon comes back. What I found odd was that it wasn't this way previously... Regards Dogbert62