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  1. Gvem6

    Sync 3 USB flash drive media player

    Having the same issue with 128 GB playback. It is TERRIBLE. I have tried 2 USB drives, the 3.0 is a little better but still unacceptable. Also, unacceptable that Ford puts broken tech in their vehicles. Hoping they issue a update soon! Following this thread with hopes someone can help figure this out!
  2. Have the same issue with cover art using a USB with Sync 3 when it will play. I have tried multiple drives and had hardly any luck. Ford needs to address these issues with the media player. Mine works sometimes for a few songs then stops and switches itself to FM. It hangs a lot between songs. Sometimes up to five minutes between tracks. I was hoping Sync 3 would be better than My Ford Touch, but it is worse. My dealer is over 1.5 hours away, so very difficult to address with them. Hoping Ford will issue a update to fix/improve this problem. When checking with them they just read the manual to me. Would really like to get some actual support from them, not just reading the manual to me.
  3. Having very similar issue with 17 F150. Not very pleased with Sync 3. When you contact Ford they just read to you from the owners manual.