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  1. I have a lot of music stored in hi-res AIFF format on a USB drive. This format is currently not supported by SYNC 3. Converting to WAV loses the metadata associated with the files, making browsing the music difficult. As a stopgap, I have converted to Apple Lossless. I would prefer, however to maintain the files as AIFF Is there any prospect of SYNC 3 supporting the AIFF file format in the near future?
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    USB Drive Song Metadata

    Yes you are right - turns out the metadata is being stripped in the conversion from AIFF to WAV. I'm using dbPowerAmp on a Mac to do the conversion and I haven't found a way to make it keep the metadata. Do you know of a good batch conversion program for Mac?
  3. I have a large collection of Hi-Res music files. I've stored them on a LaCie 1TB USB drive formatted as ExFAT. I've used dbPowerAmp to convert from AIFF and store all files in WAV format. Sync 3 sees the drive and plays the music (sound is awesome). Only thing is that the metadata doesn't seem to be coming through. I am unable to browse by artist or album. Anything I need to know to force Sync 3 to index the files on my USB drive?