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  1. Multitask

    New maps coming Sep 2022

    moving the files to a flash drive now... says it'll take about 2 hours.... might update them tomorrow... I also use the Google Maps for most things... maps built in for when I'm not in a place to get a data signal for google maps...
  2. Multitask

    New maps coming Sep 2022

    I have mine.... will update them soon...
  3. The radio is not in the APIM, so you would keep what you have. car-parts.com is a good place to start for replacements. Also, what is the reason you want to replace it.... details....
  4. Multitask


    It will also depend what Apple Product you are using, and what Version of the iOS it is possible that the part you got is not for Sync 3 but just a replacement for Sync 1-2
  5. Multitask

    Sync 3 DAB Station List

    Then time to take to dealer if it is under warranty
  6. Multitask

    Sync 3 DAB Station List

    Dirty screen... it is possibly picking up some static from the screen....
  7. Known issue... you might have to revert to the earlier version, or take it in to get the APIM worked on....
  8. Me too... although if it's free, I will update it... otherwise AA and Google Maps are fine.... and before anyone asks, you have to have Sync 3.xxx (maybe Sync 2) before you can use Android Auto, or Car play.....
  9. Sorry, I mistyped, yes it is 2020 maps.... and if I remember right, the sync 1 boxes were updated with a CD rom.... either way... better to replace the whole unit with a 3rd party unit (Pioneer, Kenwood...)
  10. And being that it is an 11 year old vehicle, it will NOT be the most recent, nor even close to that, of the maps. I have a 2020 Lincoln, and 2018 is the latest maps that are available from the web site..
  11. Cheeper and better to just do it with a 3rd party unit.... crutchfield.com is a good place to start
  12. Multitask

    Sync 2 upgrade

    the vid will show that it is not just swap, but a LOT more... worth it in the long run, just not easy.
  13. Might have to create the correct ones, then it might allow you to then delete the old ones..... I never used 3.3 much.... 3.0 and 3.4 mostly....
  14. Multitask

    Change home address

    Try adding a new fav... once you know it is right, then delete the old one.... see if that works.
  15. Multitask

    Change home address

    do a google search for ford sync change home address there are several options there , one should work....