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  1. Multitask

    Indexing USB then nothing.

    Sync and the Maps are different installs, and different files. Sync will have 2 files and a folder with multiple files in it Sort of like this below , if you download the file and do not get the SyncMyRide folder, then create one, and move the tar.gz files in it. make sure you rename them without the SyncMyRide as part of the same . They used to come that way, but the last time they did not for me, they came correct. Could be the version of the OS I'm useing , or Ford fixed the issue. 😎
  2. Multitask

    Indexing USB then nothing.

    It does not matter these days, I do it on my Mac all the time. there is a file that NEEDS to be there... (in the root, it comes with every download) even though it is a 0k file. NONOTINDX.MSA Then the vehicle will not try to index it... if it's there, and it is still indexing... then something did not happen right.
  3. I was thinking about this topic and something came up that was almost like this... I have a 2020 MKZ-Hybrid, and using 3.4, and a 7th gen ipod touch... it's on IOS 15.x the other day it just stopped putting out sound, and I think I know why... once I updated to 15.1 (yes the beta) it was playing sound again.... So I think it is because apple has a limit on when the 'beta's' stop working right.... had I been on 14, it might not have happened... Something to chew on.
  4. Sync 3 did not come with the ability to do that... only Sync 2 There might be hacks, but why?
  5. Multitask

    Sign recognition and maps

    BEcause we do not have that in the US, how does that work? Do it just beep when you are going to fast?
  6. Plug it in, your phone should do the BT for voice... 😎
  7. Probably a flag is set when you open it on the ipod, and then sync sees it.... no flag , then it is not seen. 😎
  8. I have Sync 3.4, and the 7th gen touch, and it works just fine.... although it is still (less than before) skipping about 1/4 second of time with in some songs that I know are ok otherwise. But so far it likes it just fine. My ipod touch was setup using a Mac, not sure how it does with ones setup with Windows...
  9. it's been a while... but I don't think that Sync 2 can do waypoints... even Sync 3 is limited on that... maybe 3-4 of them... Google Maps or any of the others are WAY better at that.
  10. Multitask

    Broken after update

    try the factory reset... see if the newer version is having issues with the settings... might have to replace something if it doesn't work. I'm thinking that the updates took the devices just over the hum... i.e. they were going to fail eventually anyway
  11. Normally we would not stray from the OP... but that person posted on the 13th, and never came back for the slew of answers. 😎
  12. I was working under the table at 14... first real job was at 17 part time... because I was still in high school it was 73-74 then... Oddly I was working in the mainframe business @ 17-18 ... wasn't until I was 34 that I actually got into computers... and have been there ever since.
  13. Multitask

    Broken after update

    Either the 4" or the 8" Sync 2? So we know what you are dealing with .... and what version was it on before, and what version is it on now ? THese are details that some people might want to know so they can assist. And FYI: a factory reset just resets the settings, not the versions... I wish they could/would change that to Reset Settings... Factory Reset makes it sound like you are resetting back to what it came with out of theFactory. 😎
  14. I did not technically start working till I was 18... last 6 months of my senior year I was part time, then once I graduated went full time. Just so I could finish school.