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  1. You should have one folder that is labelled "music" with all your music in it and then just the m3u files not in a folder on the root of the USB.
  2. FordGuy

    Updates Maps

    The Best solution is to have Ford provide free updates in a timely manner, since we paid a high price for the Navigation in the vehicle. Apple Car Play and Android Auto work but they eat up your data plan and don't get cell tower connect everywhere.
  3. I don't follow your "Playlists" or "Playlist" part. The USB should be formatted as FAT32 and no other files or folders should be on it except the following. A folder labelled "Music" that contains your mp3 file's arrange in sub-folders that are by Artist name, within those are the Album folders and within those are the actual mp3. At least one file (not folder) that is type "m3u" extension. The name of this should be a simple playlist name. (ex. CarTunes.m3u, or HardRock.m3u). The m3u file will contain a list of all the mp3 files that that playlist uses from the "Music" file. Here's a sample of one line from a "m3u" file Music\Band Perry\The Band Perry\If I Die Young.mp3 The "\" should be the separators not "/". I use the free program called iTunesExport since all my music and playlists are kept in iTunes and it will create the "Music" folder and m3u files for me. I've got a USB in both my 2017 Ford Edge Titanium with Sync3 and my 2014 Ford Taurus Limited with Sync2 MFT. They both work alright but require an indexing at first and then every once and awhile upon restart they will reindex? The more mp3 on the USB the longer the index takes.
  4. Wher did you find out about the V3.0 update? I just checked "SYNC MY RIDE" and it still shows V2.2 as latest. I did notice between Sunday and Thursday(9/28/2017) that the "Turn Left Now" was changed to Two Beeps in the routing instructions, which I like better. The revisions in vehicle still show V2.2 and NA 1 15.
  5. FordGuy

    Updates Maps

    I not sure if the maps has been updated but between Sunday and Thursday (9/28/2017) there was a change to the Navigation call out on my 2017 Ford Edge Titanium with Sync3. Sunday when I used the Nav. it would say "Turn Left Now" or "Turn Right Now" when it got near the intersection. On Thursday when I used the Nav. it just had two short beeps when it got near the intersection. I actually like the two beeps better. The beeps now match whats in my 2014 Ford Taurus limite with Sync2 MFT. When I got home I checked the revisions in the settings and they are still showing V2.2 for software and NA 1 15 for Navigation maps. It would be nice if Ford would post somewhere when they make updates. Maybe they could add a section to "SYNC MY RIDE".
  6. In using the USB on the 2017 Ford Edge Titanium with Sync3 I get the problem of sync wanting to re-index the USB about every 5th time the vehicle starts. Since it is a new USB and I only have 3,600 songs on it instead of the 8,000 that are on my iPod Classic the re-index is a lot quicker. Yes, the iPod Classic also needs to re-index after several restarts. I also have a problem with the classic that drains it's battery over night if it is connected to the lower USB, the upper one works fine.
  7. Does anybody know of a site that Ford actually responses too? I've been trying to find out how and when the map data for Sync3 Navigation gets updated. No one from Ford will answer this question in their on-line chats or any other forum I could find. It's like Ford came out with this Sync3 two years ago and they still don't know how to update the maps. At least Sync2 MFT has updates that come out once a year even though the price for them is way to high. I found on-line that updates for Africa and Australia are free for 5 years but nothing about the USA.
  8. I've used the MP3Gain software on 2 USB's and placed one in my 2014 Ford Taurus Limited with Sync 2 MFT, the other in my 2017 Ford Edge Titanium with Sync3. Both work ok and after about 30 minutes of songs the volume on all played sounds equal, even for 2 songs that started out quiet and then get louder, after the start passage they were about the same volume level as previous songs. I really don't know if Ford actually uses the MP3Gain information as I can't find any information about that from Ford. Some of the songs did not contain the artist name when playing, I found out that by using iTunes and converting the ID3 Tags to v2.3 that it corrected a lot of them but not all.
  9. Another method to create playlists for use on a USB in the car is to use the free "iTunesExport" app. which allows you to select your existing iTunes playlist. The software will then make M3U copies of your iTunes playlist in a folder and also copy your MP3 music files to a folder called "music" within that folder. The main folder can be made directly on the USB. After the MP3 files are in the "music" folder you might want to use the free software "MP3Gain" to help equalize the volume on them. This should be done since the iTunes sound check is not used on the USB. This method can be used to simulate an iPod on a USB stick.
  10. Can someone from Ford tell me where I can download the Gen2-v3.10 update software so I can update my 2014 Ford Taurus with MFT/Navigation to the latest software. I read on-line that some people have it. I have upgraded in the past to Gen2-v3.6.2 and Gen2-v3.7 and also to Gen2-v3.8 myself without any problems and would like to upgrade to Gen2-v3.10 without going to the dealer since they would charge for it. I just need to be able to get the correct files.
  11. Ford SYNC 3 Easy Navigation: You drive SYNC finds the way. That's a nice line in the video but I my case SYNC 3 is lost. The mapping data in my just purchased 2017 Ford Edge Titanium (purchased 7/19/2017) is 1.5 to 2 years old. I can't find anyway to get it updated and a chat with Ford on-line said that they have not gotten the information yet. The SYNC 3 is 2 years old, if Ford can't figure out how to update the maps then at least they should have dealers tell customers that the maps are out of date when purchasing the car. I have a 2014 Ford Taurus with SYNC 2 and have purchased and installed the A7 map upgrade in 2016 which is more up to date then the NA 1 15 map in my brand new 2017 Edge. From what I see in the map data the 1 15 stands for January 2015 which is 2 years old. That makes it equal to the old A6 map data on SYNC 2 which can out in 2015. Ford please release a new map update for SYNC 3 to bring it up to the A8 level of maps which is now out for the SYNC 2 system. That level should have already been in my new Edge or at least the A7 level.
  12. I've also wanted to keep the apartment numbers but they don't work as part of the address, so I place the apartment number in the "note" section of the contact, that way they are still there for me when I get to the apartment but the address without them works in the Navigation.
  13. I purchased a 2017 Ford Edge Titanium with Navigation on 7/19/2017 and found that the map data is 1.5-2 years old. I have a 2014 Ford Taurus with Navigation and the A6 map SD card came out in 2015 and is missing the new intersection here in Charlotte, NC (Johnston Rd at i485). Last year I purchased the A7 map update and it contains the new intersection. There is now a A8 update for purchase. I understand that the new Sync3 is still updated? from the same map vendor. It should be at least equal to the A7 map update of the Sync2 system. Ford brags about this new Sync3 as being so much better than the Sync2 but so far I don't see it as better at least not for Navigation. No where on-line can I find anything about updates for the Sync3 Navigation its like Ford doesn't care that they sell you a car with a $900 Navigation system that is 2 years old when you get it. Sure we can use Apple Car Play but that eats up your data plan, doesn't work in areas where you can't get cell signal (Think PA mountains) plus we payed $900 extra for the option that's lumped with other options and it doesn't work.