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    Pleased to find you!

    Hi from Memphis, TN!
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    Radio stations

    Hi, Finally I manage to set the EU radio station by using OBD LINK EX with FORscan software. Thank you very much for your support!!!
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    Audio off

    I've seen discussions about the 'hotspot' and why didn't F/L allow the updates that way... I'm sure they could have , but it's data intensive, and you would pay WAY more for the 'hotspot' than planned.... Cheeper to connect to WiFi and then it's as free as it can be. BUT, there are issues with doing it that way... not horrible ones, but they are there.... amount of time, good WiFi connections etc.... USB seems to be the most reliable, and fastest...
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    Audio off

    Hi TINole. My SYNC 3.0 equipped MKZ has its own hotspot too. However, a hotspot is a data connection. SYNC updates need a WiFi connection. Unless that has changed for SYNC 3.3/3.4, you would still need to be connected to a WiFi network, with a strong WiFi signal. If I am mistaken, perhaps a SYNC expert will jump in to give you more specific information. Good luck.
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    Audio off

    Hi TINole. Concerning WiFi versus USB updates: WiFi updates are sometimes spotty. You have Automatic Updates turned on. Do you also have your SYNC system connected to your home WiFi network (or someplace else you park for extended times during the day) and does your vehicle get a strong WiFi signal when parked? While I only have SYNC 3.0 in my 2018 MKZ, and things may have improved with SYNC 3.3/3.4, I have found the USB download method to be more stable and reliable. On the other hand, some owners have had issues getting USB updates to complete properly, or had issues transferring the files from their computer to the USB drive, etc. Like anything it can sometimes be a matter of personal experience. Keep us updated and good luck.
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    Audio off

    That is odd... Sync 3.3, have you checked for 3.4 , or at least a later version of 3.3? also, what version of the Android OS ? Does it happen with listening to the radio, or USB device? Also, have you tested it with Google Maps?
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    Audio off

    Hi TINole. Unfortunately, other than performing a hard reset of your SYNC system (procedure in your Owners Manual), I do not have a solution. However, I would recommend making a service appointment so the issue can be diagnosed and corrected. When you bring your vehicle in, do not just tell them what is wrong, hand them the keys and leave. Be sure to demonstrate the issue to the Service Writer or Tech. Yes, I realize you would probably need demonstrate in this case anyway, since you would not want to leave your phone with them. It is simply something I always recommend. Always demonstrate the issue and have the Service Department employee clearly state they see/hear/feel it happening. This helps avoid the dreaded "Could not duplicate the customers concern" diagnosis. If you personally showed it happening, they can't say they could not duplicate it. In the meantime, perhaps a tech member will jump in with more specific advice that may help. Keep us updated and good luck.
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    Hi gang. There is a new SYNC 3 Navigation maps update available. To see if it is available for your Lincoln, go here and enter the required vehicle information: https://syncnavigation.com/lincoln/home For your Ford, go here and do the same: https://syncnavigation.com/ford/home Good luck. 
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    Ok, then let's see what the dealer comes up with.... Of course the only 2 things that will happen... 1: software update works, 2: replace the APIM with one that works Good Luck
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    I went through that last Wednesday. I dropped the truck off and the next day they said it was fixed. I went in and asked what they had done. They said they did a bulletin on my problem. I got into the truck and set home as destination. The first response was garbled. I went back in and told the sheet writer. He went to the service supervisor who came to me and we went outside to the truck. I said let me show you and he tells me I'll bring it back to my technician. I said, don't you want me to show you and he said no. OK, he comes back with the truck 20 minutes later and says we don't see a problem. Now i'm pissed and I tell him get the tech here and I will show him. They send out a IS or computer guy. I get in the truck, start it up, set destination to home and voice prompt is skipping. The guy says "That's a problem". I said yes it is now explain it to your technician, sheet writer and service supervisor. They gave me an appointment for Tuesday. Causeway Ford Service SUCKS.
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    I have a 2008 Ford Fusion SEL with voice activated navigation version of SYNC. The SyncMyRide.com site says I'm up-to-date with the last (and only) update on October 2007. Could that be right? That seems like the first version install and I thought I've read of a few more updates. I'm only looking for a possible update because when my (Microsoft Win8.1) phone is connected, the contacts don't show, and with music, it doesn't show any info, just blank text areas. Maybe I need to reset?
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    Which module do I need to replace?

    I'm talking about the sound system, it would say Sony on it... but if it does not, then you don't have an extra amp. so I take it no sound at all from anything? The ACM is cheep, should be able to find one for about $50-$75 (from a wreck) , but don't by one that came out of a Sony sound system, it will not work... it's Digital
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    2011 Escape Sync stops working

    Intermittent issues like that make me think it's not just a bluetooth connect issue. I had some issues with unresponsiveness and it turned out my cluster was going bad. If it's just the phone for now, it could devolve further into more important problems. You can't really work on clusters yourself beyond changing bulbs but my dealership wasn't going to be an option because of the pricetag. I ended up finding https://www.instrumentclusterstore.com/Ford_instrument_clusters.htm and they helped me get all my questions answered and even were able to clone my bad cluster's data on to the new one. Good as new! Good luck!
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    Synce 3 update .ZIP file issues

    THere should be 2 files and a folder with the files in it... One file is the autoinstall.lst one is the DONTINDX.MSA (only needed so the system does not try to index it) And the SyncMyRide folder inside the folder are the xxx.TAR.gz files as long as you have only those 3 items on your flash drive (recommended a USB 2 drive as USB 3 tend to not work on pre 2018 cars) , and they are the correct ones, then you are good to go
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    Yea... the dealerships usually have WiFi and mine will let me go there and do the updates, so you might get them to allow you too... 😎 Not to mention they can see if happening or not... 😎
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    Nah... I don't drink! 😎
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    Hi FordF150. Yes, it will/can. If you use another VIN to download the latest SYNC 3 update, install it and report the installation, the real owner will not be able to receive that update. And if they updated already and reported the installation, you will not be able to receive that latest update.That is one of the problems with this method. It is nice of you to be one of the few people I have seen actually worry about what happens to the real owner of the vehicle after a VIN is hijacked like this. Good luck.
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    New User - review so far "Pitiful"

    Same on my Lincoln MKX 13 and 16 but apparently you and I should do some learning...
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    New User - review so far "Pitiful"

    Hi NOTMY. To my knowledge, Build 19205 is the latest available SYNC 3 build. And I believe what asteele posted was not necessarily what comes up on his SYNC screen, but a list of available commands. Every command does not come up on the screen. I am guessing he may have obtained that list from his Owners Manual. I'm sure he will correct me if I am wrong. However, I have a 2018 MKZ, updated twice from 17xxx, to 18xxx, to Build 19205, and all of those commands asteele listed work in my car. Like all of us, you will need to do some learning. So as mentioned previously, the best thing we can do is peruse the SYNC section of our Owner Manuals, where there is a pretty extensive list of available commands, and utilize the tutorials and tutorial videos available on the Lincoln Owners website. EDIT - I can also mention that there is a newer NAV map update, if you are interested. The latest NAV maps version is NA 1 18 (you are on NA 1 14). However, you may not be interested, since you will probably have to pay. The first update after vehicle purchase is free and it looks like you never updated. However, I am not sure if there is a time limit on that free update. Hope this information helps and good luck.
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    iPod classic endless indexing

    Thanks bbf. I’ll likely end up going the flash drive route as well. I thought about having the dealer check it out but to be honest I have very little faith in the dealer being able diagnose and fix sync related problems. The last 2 Ford trucks I’ve purchased I seemed to know more about sync than the sales and service people did. It’s really sad.
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    Map Updates Now Available For Sync3

    Haha, I did the same thing (trying to use the modem ESN instead of SYNC's) when I was signing up for the map update. Once I got past that and followed the instructions exactly, my update went just fine on my 2018 Fusion Hybrid Platinum. Took just under an hour. The thing that upset me a little is the date of the map information: January 2018. You would think it would at least have been January 2019. It was bad enough that I had January 2015 data for two years on a vehicle I bought new in September 2017. My other half has a 2019 Subaru Forester and it's received two (free) map updates so far and we've owned it less than a year! I did some spot checking of newer businesses (but older than January 2018) near our house and the POI information is still old and stale. Hopefully the freeway info has been updated. The I-15 coming home to San Diego from Las Vegas on my old maps still showed freeway transitions that were switched from one side of the freeway to the other for years now. I'd be interested to see if they fixed that. I'm just glad that Ford didn't have the audacity to charge for this update. I'm guessing the next one won't be free.
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    Map Updates Now Available For Sync3

    Hi all. Yes, I have also downloaded my SYNC3 NAV maps update file (well, it is a large file, >13Gb so is downloading as I write this) from the Lincoln/ALOM Technologies site. Instructions state to plan on a 1 hour install, during which time the car/engine must be kept running, so I will install it tomorrow during a 2 1/2 drive I have to Penn State. As alcohenusa mentioned above, the map update is complementary for 2018-2019 vehicles. No charge if you download the files yourself onto your computer, or a $40 charge to have them mail you a USB drive containing the files. I opted to download for free. I will post back tomorrow night or Sunday and let everyone know how the install went on tomorrows drive. To get your SYNC ESN serial number, go to "Settings" on your SYNC screen. Then scroll down to and click on "About SYNC". Then be sure to scroll to the bottom to get your "SYNC Serial Number (ESN)" number, not the "Onboard Modem Serial Number (ESN)", which is listed first. FYI: My current NAV Map file in my 2018 MKZ is "NA 1 16". I am assuming the update will be "NA 1 17"? I will post back with that information too. Good luck.