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  4. Ok, then let's see what the dealer comes up with.... Of course the only 2 things that will happen... 1: software update works, 2: replace the APIM with one that works Good Luck
  5. Owner.ford.com says I have the latest updates
  6. Hmm... depending on what year and vehicle, it seems that you are current... have you gone to owner.lincoln.com or owner.ford.com (depending on what you have) to see if there is an update? my 2020 MKZ-Hybrid came with 3.4, so it's possible
  7. Hi Hoppy, I hope your dealer helped sort this out for you. Here's a thing I've just noticed. Ford+Alexa shows up in the Audio Sources list along with the apps list. So, you need Alexa to answer something or do something just go to Audio/Sources, touch the appropriate tab and ask/order away.
  8. I've not hear of anything... BTW, what version of Sync ? (including build)
  9. Earlier
  10. Thank you for the info Gadgetjq...........this has been a problem for six or seven weeks. Taking in to dealer tomorrow. Thanks again
  11. Brought the vehicle to Ford on Tuesday. Picked it up last night. The service guy says Ford is familiar with the problem. Ford will be issuing a software update to resolve the voice prompt problem. I was told two to three weeks. I will wait to hear from the Ford dealer. Has anyone seen or heard of an update coming out for this problem. Seems like others are having the same problem. For some reason I don't beleive them. I'll keep you posted.
  12. Ford seems to be suffering some sort of server issue. The FordPass has also stopped working (shows the initial blue screen then crashes) and Ford+Alexa (same as Lincoln+Alexa) wouldn't respond for me this morning either.
  13. Lincoln+Alexa worked for one day. Reinstalled app many times, reset SYNC 3, Samsung S8 is showing up in bluetooth list and all other functions work. This is in 2020 Nautilus. Also no email response from mobilapp@lincoln.com.
  14. That is worth a try. Thanks.
  15. See if you have a friend that has something way different (iphone) and see if the same thing happens... just to test if it's the phones or the unit.
  16. Tried removing phones and then adding them. Played with sound controls. Nothing changed. Seems like "silent notifications " message on phones when plugged into Ford may be the key to correction. Need to find out why this message comes up and what sw is controlling it.
  17. Warranty time.... APIM is bad (IMHO)
  18. yes, I have done that as well.
  19. I see what you have done... but have you deleted the phone from the car, and unpaired it... then allow it to pair again, make sure you accept anything is asks for about tyhe phone or car
  20. Hi AA. Yes, that is why I highly recommend demonstrating the issue/problem instead of simply dropping the vehicle off and telling them what is wrong. In this way, if they saw and/or heard it happen with you sitting there, they can not say, "We couldn't find anything wrong." I know how aggravating that can be. Perhaps this advice will help others in the future. Hope you can get this fixed properly net week. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  21. no, it will bring up the google assistant. If I say Phone or dial someone , it attempts to do an internet search
  22. I went through that last Wednesday. I dropped the truck off and the next day they said it was fixed. I went in and asked what they had done. They said they did a bulletin on my problem. I got into the truck and set home as destination. The first response was garbled. I went back in and told the sheet writer. He went to the service supervisor who came to me and we went outside to the truck. I said let me show you and he tells me I'll bring it back to my technician. I said, don't you want me to show you and he said no. OK, he comes back with the truck 20 minutes later and says we don't see a problem. Now i'm pissed and I tell him get the tech here and I will show him. They send out a IS or computer guy. I get in the truck, start it up, set destination to home and voice prompt is skipping. The guy says "That's a problem". I said yes it is now explain it to your technician, sheet writer and service supervisor. They gave me an appointment for Tuesday. Causeway Ford Service SUCKS.
  23. Hi Andy. I would offer one suggestion for when you drop off your vehicle: Physically show them the issues that you are able to demonstrate. Do not just tell them what is wrong. For example, demonstrate the slow typing input that you described in your first post. And input something that will demonstrate the garbled voice commands. By demonstrating the issues (and not just dropping the vehicle off), you have physically shown them how your SYNC system is malfunctioning and they have seen it malfunction. By doing this, you avoid the dreaded, "Could not duplicate customers concern" diagnosis. It could very likely be a failed APIM, as Multitask mentioned. So it is a simple fix. Keep us updated and good luck.
  24. I have an appointment on Tuesday. I'll keep you posted
  25. The Pic is garbage... see if you can re-download the files... could be corrupt files also make sure the flash drive is USB 2, it will be slower, but more stable....
  26. Sounds like a bug in AA, might have to uninstall and reinstall AA, OR, See if you can go back one update... (prob not) If after you press the button and get the assistant, can you say Call Jim?
  27. On a 2020 Edge, 200 miles Sync3. I had phones working properly with Bluetooth and data\android auto AA. Now this afternoon I lost the voice dial feature while plugged into the usb port. When i push the voice button on the steering wheel, instead of allowing me to say a command "Dial Jim" it will now bring up google assistant, essentially killing the voice dial. This is a new behavior and it is the same on two different phones. I performed a factory reset on the car and erased the cashe on the phones. I can unplug the usb and it will perform properly. Also, if I attempt to exit AA on the screen and push the phone button at the bottom, it will bring up the phone in AA instead of the Bluetooth. Any help will be appreciated!
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