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Problems with bluetooth

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I have a ford S-MAX from 2019, that have a issue with the bluetooth to any cellphones (have try 4).
The issues are:

That the phone and car won't connect.

But sometimes it work.

If i try to delete my cellphone, on the radio it won't delete it. But after i try to delete it 3-4 times, it will end up with just deleting the name of the phone. But there are still a connection.

If i do a master reset, it will only delete my favorit in GPS, not the bluetooth or my favorit radio stations. So it look like it not reseting it total.


But if i have manual deleted the phone, and have an empty name entry in the phone list, and do a master reset two or three times, it will final remove the phone.


I have try to have the minus disconnected from the car, but that dosn't fixed it either.

Do anyone knows of a other way to do a full reset of the radio?

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Things you need to do, regardless


delete the phone entry on the car and on the phone.

as if you were starting fresh.


Also, a master reset will just delete settings, I understand it might also delete some things you don't want it to.  But if it is important to get the phone working, then you need to do that.


If all that does not work, maybe a trip to the dealer is needed.... 


Also make sure you are up to date on the updates for each, car and phone(s)


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