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Gen 1 update questions

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Hello all,


I recently purchased a 2010 F-150 Platinum with the Sony voice navigation radio.  I updated the navigation software and installed the latest (and evidently last) map update. along with the Gracenote package.  I currently have the V3 update installed in the radio (AR3T-14D544-AC).  I have been trying to update to V4.4 with little success.  I have tried DR3T-14D544- AE and AF.  I also tried AG, which I think is V4.6.  My understanding is that I do not want 4.6 as it removes Siri.  The list from the Sync website says that there is actually a V4.8 that is available for my system, but I have not found anyone mentioning it any forums.


When attempting the update, the system starts It says that it is loading the files and to ignore the first "Installation Complete" announcement.  It then says it should take up to 10 minutes for the process to complete and the system will restart several times.  It seems to hang at this point.  The USB light remains on solid and does not flicker as though any files are being transferred.  The system does write back an XML file to shoe that the system has been updated, but the version number remains the same when checked. 


What upgrades came with the versions later than V3.0?  Will later updates allow the text function to work with an iPhone?  Are there any enhancements to the sound?  What am I missing with V3.0?  If I am missing functions or enhancements that are worthwhile, has anyone experienced the same issue and how did you resolve them?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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