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What does the APIM do?

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I have a 2012 Expedition EL Limited (with factory sync, nav, and a factory subwoofer) and am gutting the factory stereo.


I'm stuck at Sync 1 V 4.0.2.

Bluetooth connectivity is unstable with my phone and does not support metadata (Song title, etc.) or switching between Hands free phone and media smoothly.

I cannot update the Sync system via USB because Ford will not supply the software to me.


Question: Do I need to retain the APIM (Accessory Protocol Interface Module) that lives in the center console for ANY reason?

Does the APIM deal with the HVAC system?

Does the APIM deal with the gauge cluster?

Does it do any translation between MS-CAN and HS-CAN networks?

Does the APIM do ANYTHING other than deal with the stereo system?

Lots of crap I can delete with this stock Sync stereo system:

  • ACM (Audio Control Module - Head unit in the dashboard)
  • SDARS (Satellite Digital Audio Receiver System - Sync module in the center console)
  • GPSM (GPS module)
  • RCU (Audio Rear Control Unit)
  • Headrest DVD players (Kiddos have tablets, phones, and other portable electronics to entertain themselves on road trips.)


Deleting all this frees up space to hide crossovers, amplifiers, Digital Signal Processor equipment, etc.

It frees up spare wires in the wiring harness if needed as well as empty fuse slots in the main fuse panel.


Going to be putting in a complete aftermarket system:

  • Kenwood DMX-7704S head unit (With Android Auto)

  • iDataLink Maestro RR2 vehicle interface (For steering wheel controls, OBD2 data, etc.)

  • JBL speakers in all doors (862CF component fronts and 862F coaxial rears)

  • Two 12 inch Image Dynamics (ID12D2 v.4) subwoofers

  • Zapco ST-4X amplifier (for front and rear stage)

  • Zapco ST-1000 XMII (for subwoofers)


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Well it can't control EVERYTHING.


Transmission and engine are controlled by the PCM (Powertrain Control Module)

Turn signals and wiper speed are controlled by the BCM (Body Control Module)

Brakes are controlled by the ABS (Antilock Brake System) module.


I'm deleting almost the entire factory audio system. What's there left for it to control?

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