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FYI - Unable to get Navigation Map Update A13 to work on 2014 Flex

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Have version A12 installed and working fine on 2014 Flex.  Purchased online the recently released A13 from Ford/HERE.  Unable to get it to work properly.  Navigation would work for at most a minute and then the display would revert to the MyFordTouch "home screen".  Got refund.  Purchased another A13 from local Ford dealer.  Same problem.  Got refund.  Giving up for now.  Will stay with A12.

If any of you have A13 installed and working, especially on a 2014 Flex, I would appreciate knowing about it - especially if you had to do something out of the norm to make it work.



Bought the 2014 Flex new in 2014.  It came with map version A4.

Over the years, have installed all of the map updates without any problems:  A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, A11, and A12.

Over the years, have installed MyFordTouch updates as they were made available.  Currently installed version is:  CCPU S/W Version 3.10.16180.EA.0_PRODUCT  (this satisfies the criteria on the product page for A13).  Per the Ford owner’s site, this is the latest version for my Flex.

Received hard copy letter from Ford dated 28 March that A13 was available for purchase.  Dealer did not have it in stock so I ordered it from Ford/HERE on 11 April and received it on 15 April.

Upon inserting the A13 SD card, things looked normal - but after a minute or so, the navigation capability ceased to function - the navigation screen would close out and the display would revert to the MyFordTouch home display.

I examined the A13 SD card along with earlier versions on my Windows computer.  I noticed that A13 used 19.5 GB of data while the A12 used 25.0 GB - a drop of 5.5 GB.  That's a lot!  I figured maybe some files did not get copied or were compressed when they should have been uncompressed.

I contacted Ford/HERE Customer Support.  They issued me an RMA (Return Merchandise Authority) number.  I returned A13 via FedEX and was eventually reimbursed.  Not a real smooth process - I had to phone Ford/HERE on 12 May after HERE received A13 on 28 April when it appeared the reimbursement was not happening.  HERE customer support was responsive and got the reimbursement going.  I finally received the reimbursement on 18 May.

Meanwhile, the local Ford dealer added A13 to their inventory.  I purchased one on 1 June.  It failed in the same manner as the previous one I bought from Ford/HERE.  I got reimbursed from the Ford dealer that same day.

So I doubt I'll try again with the A13.  Maybe I'll try next year with the A14.



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Has the dealer looked at your issue?

After 2 failed cards... would make me think it is a defective reader or something along that line...

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