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No AM stations on HD Radio

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Hello. I'm having an issue with my Sync3 HD Radio on my 2019 Ford Escape Titanium.

FM HD stations work just fine, but I don't get any AM stations in HD. I know there are several AM stations here in the Phoenix market that broadcast in HD and I've been to Los Angeles, where I know there are also several AM stations broadcasting HD Radio, but nothing ever decodes on AM. Again, FM works just fine.

I have gone into the menu and made sure that HD Radio is enabled for the AM band, but no luck receiving any AM HD Radio broadcasts.

Has anyone here had an issue with this and if so could you please give me some advice. TIA.

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go to a dealer and see what they fine...


You can also do the 'factory reset' (only purges settings, not files)

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27 minutes ago, Multitask said:

Oh, and as far as I know, AM does not do HD, only FM

Nope, some AM stations transmit in HD as well.


I'm trying to avoid the dealer. May try the factory reset, though.




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