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Albums/Songs No Longer in Order

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All of a sudden, my track listings and album listings are no longer in order.  I have lots of albums on an external HD that I've used for a couple of years.  But in the last few days, not much is in order.  I've set album dates and set track listings.  Now, there are several albums that are no longer showing the dates.  Certain album/track listings are now in alphabetical order.  I've done several indexings and master resets, to no avail.  The only way I can get what I'm looking for is by heading into Explore Device.  When I'm in there, everything is where is should be and will play in order.  I wouldn't mind this but I need to scroll to get to Explore Device.  What changed?


I've also used a different usb device but that still will only put in alpha order.


(Hi guys from Lincoln MKZ Forum  😉)

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