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So here's my issue and I hope someone can lead me in the right direction, I have a 2014 mkz 2.0 eco, 140k miles, everything turned on fine, but after going reverse, image has lines going up and down but still can see the rear, and then drive it would black out, no matter if I went to park, it would remain black, after turning it off and on it would get the image back on, so I did a rest via the screen options cause holding power and seek forward wouldn't do anything, and after the reset it doesn't black out after reverse, however, now it remains with the reverse cam on when on drive or neutral or any other gear, I disconnected the battery also for almost 5 min but still messed up, doesn't black out now but I can't figure out why it doesn't go back to the normal display after reverse, please help, this car cost too much to ignore these issues

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