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When I connect my iPhone Xs Max to my 2018 F150 sync immediately my cell phone number is displayed with the call timer going.

  • I have the latest Sync firmware (however this happened before the update)
  • The software version on my cell 14.4.2 (again, this was happening before with other versions).
  • When Bluetooth is disconnected on my cell the call terminates
  • I have removed Sync from my phone, rebooted both the phone and restarted the vehicle and paired the iPhone to the vehicle with the same result
  • Appears to affect Airplay from launching 

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Just in case

Only when paired with Bluetooth? or also when it is plugged in ?  Also, you unpaired it from the phone, did you remove it from 'both' the phone and Sync ?  So you had to start pairing all over again?

Sync 2 I will assume, but is it the 4" screen or 8" screen (might help with diag)


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Sync 3 and 8”.  Apologize, did not answer this fully.


  • Only when plugged in
  • Removed from both iPhone and Sync, rebooted phone, turned off vehicle and restarted then paired



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Ok, yours is at the point where I'm not sure if it came with 3 or you updated the hardware to Sync 3


But at any rate


I remember that Sync 2 (for me) had that issue, but it was an earlier phone

Unless someone here has an answer, I would take it to the dealer and have them look at it.... 

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Hi Robert56,


Are you using Apple Carplay when this happens?  If so, you can try deleting/deactivating the Carplay settings.

Here’s some other things I would try before heading to the dealer:

1. Update the iPhone to the latest version.  You said you already have the latest Sync update.

2. Be sure you are using a good cable for the phone connection, either genuine Apple or one that is certified for Apple.

3. Do a master reset of sync and remove the Sync profile from the phone.  Then set up everything again.

4. Contact Sync support, but they will most likely have you try 1, 2 and 3 above.


I have 2 Sync3 vehicles with multiple iPhones with no issues.



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