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SYNC3 v3.4.21020

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Just came out Sunday the 2nd.

For the Lincoln's anyway, I believe for the Fords that have 3.4, it is also out... for most.... 


go to    owner.ford.com   or   owner.lincoln.com  and see if you have an update waiting.

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This was available for my 2020 Ranger on the website though wifi told me I was up to date.  Other Ranger owners have reported they were able to get this update via wifi.


After updating via USB, the upload back to Ford fails.  Tried rescanning over wifi as that will usually update Ford, but not this time. Web site still says I have the update available.  Other Ranger owners have had success reporting the update over wifi.  I had a chat session with Ford and they say the web site is having multiple issues (shocking, I know).

What is interesting is that Nav maps are now updating over wifi for 3.4 systems.  It is a long drawn out process but since it has started, I will let it complete.  On my Ranger after it updates one file, it seems to turn off wifi and I have to reconnect to get the next file.  A wifi session only lasts 30 minutes anyway so it will take constant intervention until it completes all files.  The map update is not available on the nav update site.  Though it is not complete, it is already showing map version 2 20, was 1 19.



Finally finished downloading all the files and now reports up to date on the Ford web site.

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