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Navigation Instructions Playing Media Audio

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When using AA navigation, if I use voice command to Play a SiriusXM channel, AA launches the SiriusXM app on my phone but I don't hear anything. AA does not control SiriusXM on the car radio. The car's SiriusXM continues to play the same channel selection. Then, the next time I get navigation instructions, It sends the audio from the SiriusXM app on my phone. This happens to be the channel I requested previously. The music only plays as long as I would guess the turn instructions might be. I can't get back to any voice commands that control the Sync 3 until I unplug my Android phone from the USB port in the car. The integration needs to be more seamless. If the SiriusXM app on the phone would play the way it is supposed to, then it might be acceptable. 


It's very disappointing that AA basically kills all Sync 3 functionality and takes over. Sync 3 is getting so good, you almost don't need AA. With AA taking over everything with no ability to control Sync to any degree, it's really a problem and a distraction when driving. Phone calls are jacked up at this point with no way to recover without finding somewhere to pull over and fiddle with things.

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Yup, AA and Carplay do the same thing....


Yes it would be nice to be able to control Sync 3.x via your voice when AA or CarPlay are running, but that is not how they made it...


Sync 4 is supposed to be more friendly about that, but then you might not need AA/CP at that point, because the maps will be more up to date, like Google or Apple Maps...


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