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Sirius xm missing channels in sync 3.0

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Hello I am look for a little help I just bought a used 2018 Ford fusion Energi that has sync 3.0 build 19205.  I can not get all the channels that subscribe to with sirius xm my number stops at 219 sirius has a bunch of other channels that i just cant access  with sync 3 for some reason . I have worked with sirius support to fix problem and nothing we did works  sirius says  that my radio should be getting all the channels.  The sync 3.0 will not even let me type in the direct tune over the 200 numbers if i try to tune to anything above it will only let me type a 2 digit number. I have not gone to the dealer yet and have them try and fix it. My ford says my version  of sync is up to date and i did a map update . no the channels did not work before the map update. If anyone has any ideas please let me know . 


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If everything is up to date, and no hardware was swapped out (that you know of), and XMSirius asked for the correct # and you gave the one you see.

THen I would assume the ACM is defective. 


You can attempt a Factory Reset, and see if that helps... otherwise time for the dealer (and talk to the place that you bought it see if they will fix under the warranty.

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