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7/6/20 - New SYNC 3 NAV maps update available.

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1 hour ago, bnewt said:


I was talking mainly about the map update


those that have done the update to 3.4, did you have any problems?


I've done the update to my 2018 (when I had it), did not have any issues... but that is not to say you will not.  So if you are not comfortable, don't do it.  There is a possibility you will make it a brick.  and I'm sure you would hate that.


As far as the maps, I believe the cut off was 2018 for the maps to be free.  There is a fee if you want 1-19 and are less than 2018 (or what ever the cut off is)


Is it worth it?  Only if you are in a place that has missing info.  But remember 1-19 is still about 1-2 years behind in updates.... it was compiled with info from the beginning of 2019


Instructions are that you download the file(s) from the ford/lincoln web site (any other 3rd party site does not count here), unpack it into the 2 files and one folder and put that on a flash drive that was formatted with exFat (its possible that Fat32 might work, but you are better off with exFat)

put the drive into the USB slot, and sit back with engine running for about an hour (it should give you a prompt to remove the USB device)  ...  it will reboot more than once, so wait for the prompt to remove.

The site has the information on exactly all this information in detail.

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Hi bnewt. Hold on my previous comment that SYNC 3.3 can not be factory updated to 3.4. A member on one of the Fusion Forums has just posted that he factory updated his 2019 Fusion from SYNC 3.3 to SYNC 3.4.


I am just awaiting verification from him that was what actually occurred. I'll post back as soon as he does.


Good luck.

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The site is still borked (yes a technical term, heheh)

It thinks I'm up to date with 19274. when I am really at 20136

and I got it from the ford/lincoln web site.

I even just sent in the .xml file that the install created and still I get that error.  Maybe it'll take time to update, so I will try looking again later tonight or tomorrow.


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Hi bnewt. The member on the Ford Fusion Forum ("sleepysam22") has verified that he was able to successfully factory update from SYNC v3.3 to SYNC v3.4. The thread is located here: https://www.fordfusionforum.com/topic/20740-sync-34-update/?tab=comments#comment-115280


Hope this information helps and good luck.

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