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Greetings from beautiful Oswego, IL

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Just now joining SYNCForum to try and get a handle on the SYNC system in my 2019 Fusion Titanium Energie.


As of this evening, I had quite a few no-so-kind things to say about the SYNC system... all I wanted to do was turn on the radio... but first I had to FIND the radio... there was Sirius XM, and there was PANDORA, (compliments of my smartphone which was plugged into the charge port)... and there was the CD port... but I never did find the plain, old , ordinary RADIO.  I wanted 105.9 FM News and weather on the Eights.

And to top it off, the Sirius XM station (#70, I think) suddenly began blasting some ear-jarring racket that was what is allegedly called "music" currently. I had previously set the Sirius station to #59... I don't understand how the station got changed. When I started my evening drive, the steering wheel was comfortably warm... after a couple of stops, the wheel became cold to the touch... sure enough, once I found the tiny icon, the heater was turned off. How did that happen?


The SYNC system seems to have a bewildering amount of capacities... the telephone conversations are unbelievably clear, the SONY system sound is stunning through the 12 speakers, but the touchscreen choices ought to be a little (or a LOT) more clear... sometimes the guy driving the car might want to change the radio station while he's driving, and doesn't have a place available to pull off the road and play with the screen.

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In the lower left corner of your screen you should see a tab labeled "Audio."  Tap that and you'll see whatever is currently playing in the system.  On the upper left side of this new screen is a button labeled "Sources."  Tap that to see everything available to you which should include AM, FM, Sirius/XM, CD, then whatever additional items you have plugged in or connected to the Edge via Bluetooth.  Those buttons might include the name of your phone, anything with audio files plugged into the USB data port and I think you mentioned Pandora. 

Now the fun part.  Choose the AM or FM and get to work programming your stations.  You might be able to find an online listing of stations and their formats in your area online.  Select the "manual" setting, input the station frequency then press and hold one of the shortcut buttons until you hear a sound indicating the station is saved.  You can do that through several pages of settings.
I don't have satellite radio right now but as I recall settings are done exactly the same way.  Find the station, press and hold the shortcut button.

I suggest if you're fond of changing stations/sources as you drive that you practice doing that in the safety of your garage or wherever you can park.  In a short time, muscle memory will take over and you'll hardly have to glance at the screen to make your changes.  Be sure and experiment with the other tabs at the bottom of your Sync screen too. 



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You can always hit the voice button and just say "F M one o five point nine". No need to even touch the screen. 😎


And try to stay warm in Oswego... I was one of the lucky ones who escaped the cold and taxes of Illinois! 

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