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I have a 2019 Ford Edge equipped with Sync, version 3.3. This is my 3rd Edge with Sync so I'm quite familiar with it's operation. With this car, however, one voice command does not seem to work....Sports Game! When I activate this command I am asked, What game?, and I reply with the appropriate game, i.e., Green Bay, Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs, etc. No matter what the circumstances, I always get the same response--this game cannot be found. However, I can direct tune the game, assuming I already know the channel. I have contacted both Sirius and Ford with no resolution. My last contact with Ford suggested I do a Master Reset, which I only want to do as a last resort. Thought I would check here before doing that for any suggestions you may have. Thanks!

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So what you are telling us is that on the other units that works?


3.3 works a lot differently than 3.0, so maybe it is a command you need to re-learn?


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