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Found 5 results

  1. Started having issues with waze back in July. The vehicle on the app freezes but everything else works fine. If I unplug and plug back in it will reset on my current position but usually freezes soon after. Google Maps works completely fine and waze on my phone doesn't have any issues like this in other vehicles.
  2. Hi, I've been having issues with Sync 3 and CarPlay while using Waze (forum post) and have issues with speed reading incorrectly while using CarPlay. Many users have this issue on Android and iOS. It has been reported in that forum that a version update to the unofficial release v3.0.19119 addresses a fix for incorrect speed data ported into Waze via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Does anyone have information about this update being applicable for any Sync 3 system? I have a 2016 Edge and curious if it applies to Edge as well. Based on my previous experience with Sync 1 on my 2013 Fusion, it should be able to take a file that was intended for another vehicle model but I wanted to check and see Edit: I just found out on the Waze forum about v3.0.19194 being released in the UK. Hopefully this gets released in the US soon
  3. First off I'm using an Android phone, So now that I have Sync3, one thing I noticed is that if I have a route going in Google Maps, and I switch to Waze, it turns off the route in Google Maps. Feature, or bug? 8) I'm not sure which I like the most yet... I'll test a route with Waze going home, and then going to work. See which is better....
  4. Waze News for Sync 3 https://www.engadget.com/2018/01/10/wazes-crowd-sourced-traffic-info-comes-to-ford-sync-3-cars/
  5. Currently there are no apps installed on my SYNC in my 2012 Ford Edge Sport, I'd like to add apps. How do I do this? I'm specifically trying to add Waze to my SYNC. If there are any other apps I can install, please let me know in this thread also. Thanks!