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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, everyone! First post here. I'm new to Ford and Sync 3 -- just bought a 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I have been trying to install the update and having no success. Here's a rundown of what I've tried... Automatic update over Wi-Fi. The car connects to my home network while parked in the driveway, but it doesn't download the update. (It is set to automatically download updates.) Tapping the Scan for Updates Now button. This doesn't appear to do anything at all. Downloading the update on my computer and transferring it to a flash drive. When I insert the flash drive into the car's USB slot, I get a message saying that the USB device is not supported. I have tried formatting the flash drive as ExFAT and FAT32, tried several different flash drives, tried formatting it on both a Mac and PC, tried doing a Sync 3 reset before inserting the flash drive, tried both USB slots (duh) ... no change. I still get that "USB device not supported" message. What am I missing?
  2. All, Really need Help here. First let me start by saying I support software for a well known company for a living so I know my way around a computer. I have a 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum that is currently on Sync 3 Version 2.0. I have attempted the download through the auto updates and from the looks of it the check for updates is successful but nothing downloads. I went online and found that users can download it to USB and apply manually. I actually prefer this method so it wasn't a big deal. I registered my car VIN, and created an account about 2 months ago. I am also using Ford Pass. When i go to the Support>Sync Update Download page,for 2 months I have been getting the following message. "You do not have a download available at this time" Not only would I expect to see a prior version since there have been a few between 2.0 and 3.0, i get this message. So I decided to give the Sync 3 Support a try not only through the chat option, but by calling directly. Big Mistake! I have called numerous time in which: Call 1: You have 2.1 available on the page just go to the page and download it. Call2: Advised 2.1 was not available on the page and was told that its a known issue and to be patient. Chat: After going over the same steps for 30 minutes, I asked to escalate the issue. After another hold I was told that my system could "never" be updated as it was a limitation of my software. Being in support I asked what exactly was the limitation considering one of the features is automatic updates. They couldn't tell me. I asked to speak with someone who could further assist and was told that they were it. If I spent this much money on a car, I need specific information to what that limitation is. Not too much to ask for. The technician said they would escalate to tech support. Email From: Got a response from the escalated ticket just for them to say that some 2016 models cannot be upgraded. Good to know. If I know anyone with a 2016 model considering at this point I have stated numerous times I have a 2017. Email To: I Replied back and asked for further support and advised that the case clearly states I have a 2017 model. Received no response Email To: I then sent a follow up to see if any further assistance could be provided. Again I received no response. Call 3: Was told the same thing as call 1. Which is it? Limitation of my software or not? Mixed answers. I asked to speak to a manager/supervisor so we can figure this out. I was told manager would say the same thing. So I said that it is fine, I will discuss it with him to see who I need to talk to net to get this resolved. I was then hung up on Only good news I received this time was the survey the automated system asked me to take. Gladly! Call 4: Called back the normal number and said that I simply wanted a number that I could file a complaint. Also tried different browsers to see if this was the issue: FireFox, Edge, Chrome and same thing. All i want is to be able to talk to someone who is knowledgeable and not reading from a troubleshooting script. The only contact information always brings me to support and the same people. You literally cannot file a complaint if you wanted to! I have scoured the internet and am suprised I cant find anything, Am I the only one having this issue? Before I go as far as sending snail mail to their CEO, maybe someone here can help? Since I cant get any help, has anyone else had this problem and resolved it? or I am confident I can perform the update myself and can likely find it online, however I would like to see if anyone else has done it by downloading the update from a 3rd party and not Ford. Anyone download from a 3rd party and install?
  3. Hi, I've been having issues with Sync 3 and CarPlay while using Waze (forum post) and have issues with speed reading incorrectly while using CarPlay. Many users have this issue on Android and iOS. It has been reported in that forum that a version update to the unofficial release v3.0.19119 addresses a fix for incorrect speed data ported into Waze via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Does anyone have information about this update being applicable for any Sync 3 system? I have a 2016 Edge and curious if it applies to Edge as well. Based on my previous experience with Sync 1 on my 2013 Fusion, it should be able to take a file that was intended for another vehicle model but I wanted to check and see Edit: I just found out on the Waze forum about v3.0.19194 being released in the UK. Hopefully this gets released in the US soon
  4. Upgraded the software for Sync 2, to the latest. Tried uploading the *.xml file to Ford, but failed. Contacted Ford (chat) and they said the site was 'under maintenance'. Read about some others having same problem. Tried again tonight - going through each of the 4 steps (cancelled the download) and got to Step 4 to upload the report. Still no luck. Even copied the file to my hard drive and tried again. No luck. Is there another site/address to upload this .xml file to? Thanks
  5. Thought I'd have another go at Sync3 update today. (Last one failed repeatedly.) While trying to get to the software update section of "Support" on the owner website I found myself being rapidly cycled from login to login to login screens again and again. Happens with PC Win7/Chrome browser and Chromebook chrome browser. ANyone seen similar behavior on the site. Apart from this example I've always found the owner website to be of a poor design and organization. It's pretty, but haphazard and unorganized. Thanks.
  6. Here is the story, I used to be able to push my home button and activate Siri through the speakers of my 2013 Fusion with MyFord (not MyFord Touch). Recently, an update came out for the Sync system (V4.6), so I updated it and now this function is gone. Has anyone else seen this same issue? Do you have any fix for it? I am curious as it used to be really convenient to have Siri activated through the easy press of a button. Now, it makes it almost impossible to activate or requires more fiddling with my phone. Thanks in advance!
  7. When I log into owner.ford.com I see that there is an update for my SYNC. However, when I try to download the updated, the "Download" button at the bottom of the "step 1" page is disabled (grayed out). I spent some time looking through the forums and it seems like it is a frequently occurring problem that dates back to 2015! Therefore, two questions: 1. Is there a way to download the update from owner.ford.com in that situation? I tried different browsers and different computers hoping it is a simple website bug, but this issue persists. 2. Is there any other place to download the update? I am looking for "DE8T-14D544-AG SYNC v4.6"... Anyone is willing to share it with me? I can provide some cloud storage account to upload the file to. Just in case: I have 2011 Ford Fiesta with SYNC and voice navigation (red text screen) and my SYNC history shows: * Gen1 V3.1 (AR3T-14D544-AE) - came with the new car in 2010 * Gen1 V4.1.3.B (DE8T-14D544-AA) - installed in Ford dealership in 2012
  8. I installed the FJ5T-14D544-AB SYNC update in May of 2015. At that time I Confirmed the successful install at the Ford site (copy of that report is below). I just bought a new cell phone and thought I'd check if SYNC might need another update and the owner.ford.com site said I need to update SYNC but when I upload my "Vehicle Health Report" and request the update via the link which Ford emailed me the software button to download the update is greyed out and does not function. Is there some invisible step I am missing or is the site mistaken and my FJ5T-14D544-AB version is already the latest? Anyone have a newer, updated, version in an older vehicle like my 2013 F150? ___________________________________________________ Your previous SYNC installations Date Confirmed: May 13, 2015 Version: SYNC v4.4 FJ5T-14D544-AB Bluetooth© Connectivity Improvements: Enhanced Bluetooth phone connection stability Enabled track information to be displayed for Bluetooth-streamed media including metadata such as song title, artist name and album title More robust Message Access Profile (MAP) functionality to handle SMS reception and Text2Speach output Media Connectivity Improvements: Improved media connectivity for USB-equipped Apple devices, as well as streamlined device initialization and authentication process Previous USB or Bluetooth media source playback now resumed after ignition cycle AppLink Functionality Improvements: Better AppLink customer experience with more robust features and reliable functionality
  9. So I am trying to connect my Sync 3 v2.2 up to my wifi, and my wifi password has a dollar sign in it. I can't for the life of me find a dollar sign anywhere on the keyboard. I see plenty of other symbols but no dollar sign. I would change my wifi password, but then I have to go to all the other wifi devices and change them. Is the dollar sign there somewhere and I am missing it? If not, that is really dumb to exculde a common symbol like the dollar sign. Argh!
  10. Read this article on 9 to 5 Google: "There’s good news for anyone with a 2016-model Ford. The company has announced that a software update will allow its entire fleet from that year to use both Android Auto and CarPlay. Android Auto supports phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher." "Customers can update by downloading the software to a USB drive, visiting a dealership or over-the-air via a Wi-Fi connection." https://9to5google.com/2017/05/19/ford-android-auto-update/ I have a 2016 Fusion SE. When I go to owner.ford.com I can’t find any information on this update. It says I have Version: SYNC v4.6 from October 2015, and my SYNC is up to date.
  11. I have a 2016 F150 with sync 3 purchased in June.. I cannot get the traffic to show on my nav screen. Also the maps seem to be 2 years old.. I am told Ford is working on a solution.. Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. Purchased a used 2015 Fusion. I did the sync my ride and its saying update to update sync to 4.6 version which I downloaded and unzipped on a usb formatted Fat32. I even tried different unzip Like I'm seeing in other posts its just sitting there saying install application but nothing happens. I did a master reset and that didn't help either. File name is GG1T-14D544-AB. I did the online chat with Ford and they told me to do reset and then try to install. If that didn't work they recommended a service appt. I'm thinking there is an answer floating out there that I dont have to waste a trip to dealer for simple update. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I just swapped the MyFordTouch radio in my 2015 Mustang with a used Sync 3 unit. It seems to be working well but I can't get Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to fire up (I have an iPhone 5 and a Nexus 6). My guess is that the unit doesn't have the latest software installed. A quick check shows me at version 1.0, Build 15139. Automatic updates is enabled but I'm wondering if OTA updates won't work because my car isn't linked to Sync 3? I logged into the Sync updates page on owner.ford.com where my car is registered and it only lets me look at MyFordTouch updates, which I guess makes sense because that's what my car originally came with. Am I running an older version of Sync 3 and how can I download and update to the latest version? Or am I just missing something obvious and I have to enable CarPlay and/or Android Auto support somewhere in the head unit? Thanks in advance.
  14. Not tried to update in several years. Thought I would give it a try. Follow the prompts to install application but when it goes to the USB it says there is no application found. Make sure the executable is in the root directory and the usb drive is plugged in (or something to that effect). I have read in some places that there is a file structure that is needed on the USB drive that includes a folder called SYNCMyRide. When I unzip DEBT-14D544-AC.zip it creates no folders. Just two .lst files called Autoinstall and install followed by a syncmyride.sec file and 7 cab files. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  15. Will the promised AppLink upgrade/update for 2010 and newer vehicles with Sync ever receive it? http://www.cnet.com/news/ford-adding-app-integration-to-3-4-million-cars/
  16. hey guys im new to this forum and am in a very frustrating situation. i bought a 2012 blue fusion sport awd fully loaded with the navigation screen and the whole nine yards. i registered on the website and its telling me the last update was in 2012, and that my car is up to date. however it shows me a very old version, and apparently, the new version is 4.2.1 but i cannot download it online to install in my car. when i call ford they tell me the only way is by going to the dealership to do it. is that really the only way? i was hoping as a first experience id be able to do it all myself instead of pay for it.