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Found 3 results

  1. I have a 2013 Ford Focus with plain SYNC, no touch and no navigation. I simply cannot get SYNC to play certain albums of mp3s and I think it's not seeing a good chunk of the songs on my USB drive. I have about 3000 songs on a USB drive, which should not be a problem for SYNC. All the files are either mp3 or wma (lossless). I've had problems with tags in the past so I used mp3tag to clean them all up and it seems that SYNC is ok with all the wma files. The wma tags are all wma tags and the mp3 tags are all ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Actually, I think it's not recognizing any mp3s at this point. I don't mean it gives me "Unknown X" as the info. I mean it doesn't see the files at all and won't play them. It could be that it would eventually play them, but I haven't seen it happen yet. Can someone tell me the best configuration or format for mp3 tags that will be recognized by SYNC? By the way, I also wanted to talk about another problem. When first inserting the USB drive, I cannot try to play anything from it until it's finished indexing. If I do, SYNC becomes completely fried and crashes entirely. At that point I have to take out the fuse to reset it and start over. I've learned to just put in the USB drive and not play it for at least 15-20 minutes, then I can use it without SYNC completely frying. When it is in the process of losing its mind before it crashes entirely and dies, it starts babbling about navigation route commands among other things. I don't have navigation, so I wonder if I have the wrong firmware installed.
  2. Hello, I have ripped a bunch of CDs using Windows Media Player to wav format. They are on a USB drive that I plugged into Sync, which then promptly indexed them. That's when I realized that WMP doesn't apply ID3 tags to wav files. All the info is listed as "unknown". So I installed mp3tag and applied all the tags to all the files. Unfortunately, plugging the USB drive back in did nothing because Sync had already indexed everything. So, I don't know if it's not recognizing the tags or just not re-indexing the drive. Is there a hidden file or folder containing the index information on the drive and can I just delete that? Or, is there a way to tell Sync to re-index the drive? Or, will Sync never recognize ID3 tags for wav files no matter what? I'm not sure of my version of Sync, but I have a 2013 Focus SE. It has the latest firmware that I installed about 6 months ago. Thanks for any information.
  3. Hello, This is my first post to this forum. Has anyone noticed that occasionally the information that is displayed about an MP3 file is incorrect or partially incorrect? I have yet to identify a specific pattern here, as I haven't had time to experiment with it. What I have seen so far: Artist: BANNERS Displayed as: The Banner Artist: 24 Gone Displayed as: 20/40 something something (I don't remember what) There have been other songs displayed with wrong tag info, even after I went back and verified the tags were correct. None of the files have non-alphabetical characters in their filenames or tags. All of the files are on an error-free 32GB flash drive, formatted as FAT32. All of the songs play fine, but not all of them have album art. packrat