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Found 15 results

  1. I am looking for a download file of Sync3 v2.2 (v2.3 might work) for an APIM with Navigation. I'm suffering from one of those common issues where a 2016 with early Sync 3 will not update correctly from version 1 straight to version 3. A file of v2.2 would help me out, unless someone has found a better solution. As it currently sits, my unit says it is in v3.0, but voice recognition is "not ready" and I cant use Andriod Auto or update maps due to a faulty update. Please help.
  2. I just leased a new 2019 Ford expedition and I have been having problems with the Bluetooth connection . I had a 2017 Ford explorer and had no problems. My phone seems to keep trying to connect to my cars Bluetooth even when I'm in the house. The car could be parked 4 blocks away and I just keep getting messages from my phone that it "cannot connect to expedition" I have not triggered it to try and connect or anything. I have tried clearing all my network settings and that hasn't fixed the problem because once I pair the phone again it just starts doing it. I also tried resetting all settings and the same problem. It never did this with my explorer so I wonder if recent update caused an issue. Anyone having a similar problem? If so any fixes? I also updated to the last version of sync via USB forgot to mention that.
  3. alain_auger

    Synch 3 Update

    Hello I am trying to update my Edge 2018 with version 3 of the Ford site software (JR3T-14G381-AM SYNC3 v3.0) but after 3 unsuccessful attempts I call Customer Service and I was informed that they are having problems with this version and they dont have a date of resolution of the problem but that I can go to the my dealer who could make me this update. After having checked with my dealer they confirmed me that there is a $ 90 fee for this update! Does anyone know when an operational version will be available for free on the Ford website? Thank You
  4. For the last 4-5 days, my C-Max Energi's Sync 3 system has been starting up in a randomized state when I turn on my vehicle. Examples: Begins navigating to "Home" location, even though I have not used navigation in over a week FM Radio is playing, even though I was listening to MP3s when I got out of the car USB stick is playing, but settings have been reset to "Play All", "Alphabetic order", and "repeat mode" regardless of what was previously programmed Probably unrelated, but the car has also been iffy about detecting the presence of my key. I replaced its battery recently, even though the previous one was not that old. Despite that, sometimes it will unlock the door using the key, then fail to detect it after I am inside. If I operate the door locks again, it re-discovers it. This has happened when my wife is in the car, and we both have our keys. Nothing that threatens safe operation has occurred so far, but this behavior is unusual and worrying. If this was a desktop computer, I'd be looking into replacing the CMOS battery at this point... :-P I did not see a similar problem being discussed in this forum recently. Does anyone recognize this problem? Any pointers welcome. Scott C.
  5. My new 2 week old Ford Fusion Hybrid sync 3 locks up repeatedly, won't accept inputs, and shows backup camera while going forward!!!!!!!!!Then screen turns blue and just quits. Once I turn car off for 5 minutes, it resets ok then will start acting strange again.
  6. I can't get Siri/Voice commands to work with the USB stick in Sync 3. I have even tried saying the basic voice command "USB" to Siri and she doesn't recognize it. I say "Play" and the song title, artist, etc but she doesn't understand. The FLAC music files play fine and I edited the ID tags (artist name ,ablum, etc) of the songs as well. Has anyone had any success with USB music voice commands? What am I doing wrong?
  7. In my latest model Fiesta ST Line with the B&O sound system and the full navigation upgrade the Spotify link only shows a very limited list of favorites/albums/playlists when accessing Spotify via the central display screen. All the rest works well, and the system does not lock up or anything else. The list contains around 20 items, no more while the phone shows a lot more. Playing the items not on the list on the phone itself works, and it also works when attached to the car via de apple cable. I couple the phone via Bluetooth (with no cable connected, I know). Then I connect via the cable, and it is the official apple cable. It is connected to an iPone 8, with the latest iOS update. Who can help? The garage just says they don't know, and leave me hanging.
  8. I just got a new 2018 F150 with sync3. My phone is too old for android auto. Looking over the tested phones they all seem to be old like even lollipop. Seems like I should look for oreo. Will that connect to my screen for maps and routes and whatever else?
  9. I purchased a new 2017 Ford Fusion and one of the things what I wanted was the new Sync 3. I have two issues on on Sync3 is working with text messages from my Iphone. 1. When I receive a text message and select to hear it, I can't hear the text message over the radio. I would have expected that when I select to hear a text message that my radio volume would temporarily turn off, so I can hear the text message and then the radio volume turns back on. Instead the text message is spoken over the radio that is playing and you can't hear the text message. I know this is not an IPhone Carplay issue because i also have a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado that has Apple Carplay and the radio volume turns off when it plays the text message. What changes do I need to make to Sync 3 to make this work? 2. I had the older version of Sync on my 2012 Ford F1t50 pickup. I think it was Sync 2. With the older version I could tell Sync to send a text message to someone that was in my phone list. I am able respond to an existing text but not able to create a new text. I have not been able to figure out how you do that on Sync 3. How to send text messages in Sync 3?
  10. Hi all, I'm hoping somebody can assist in my quest to get Android Auto working in my 2017 Focus ST. The Sync 3 system is running the latest version 3.0, has the latest navigation updates, but still has the same issue it had when it was collected in Feb this year, despite Ford claiming the update from 2.2 would fix it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIxyfECjTXs As you can see in the Video, Sync is up to date and I have tested 2 phones. Both phones behave exactly the same despite one being on Android 5.0, and the other being on Android 7.0. Both USB Ports behave the same. Both phones have been tested on OEM cables and upgraded Anker braided cables. My Ford dealer had the car for 4 hours to try and solve the problem, and claimed it was working fine but within 1 mile of driving away from the dealer, the problem returned. It transpired that the technician was trying out the 'Apps' part of Sync 3, and as I was at the dealers waiting my phone connected and he was able to load Accuweather and Glympse just fine, and thought that he was testing Android Auto! Despite the firmware being re-flashed, the dealer thinks it's a firmware problem but I'm convinced it's hardware related. Can anyone offer assistance on how to cure this annoying problem, as I don't trust my dealer as they openly admitted that they had no idea what Android Auto was or how it worked.
  11. I know this might be a long shot but does anyone know if it is possible to add the Ford Factory Navigation after the fact. I bought a 2016 F150 XLT with Sync 3 off a lot and it didn't have navigation and I have come to the conclusion that I would really rather have the nav on the 8in Sync screen then my small garmin screen. So if anyone has added navigation after the fact or have any knowledge if this is even possible i would greatly appreciate it. I know you can add nav to a 2015 F150 with MFT but i can't seem to find anything for a 2016 with Sync 3.
  12. SYNC Guide

    All About SYNC 3

    ALL-NEW FORD SYNC 3 CONNECTIVITY SYSTEM LAUNCHING ON 2016 FORD ESCAPE AND FIESTA THIS SUMMER SYNC® 3 – Ford’s all-new communications and entertainment system – features faster performance, conversational voice recognition, intuitive smartphone-like touch screen and easier-to-understand graphical interface Other new features include seamless integration of AppLink™ for a simple way to control smartphone apps, Siri Eyes-Free capability for Apple iPhone, software updates via Wi-Fi, and enhanced 911 Assist® for subscription-free emergency calling in the event of a significant accident SYNC 3 to launch in North America on 2016 Ford Escape and Fiesta – on sale this summer – providing a safer way for Ford customers to connect their smartphones while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel Ford announced today its all-new SYNC® 3 technology debuts this summer in North America on the 2016 Ford Escape and Fiesta. The new communications and entertainment system is faster and easier to use with enhanced response to driver commands. With the debut of SYNC 3 for Escape and Fiesta, Ford is launching its newest in-car connectivity technology as an option in one of its highest-volume vehicles, Escape, and in its most affordable car, Fiesta. “SYNC always has been about providing a safer way for our customers to connect their smartphones in order to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel,” said Mark LaNeve, Ford Motor Company vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service. “Customers continue to tell us they want this technology, and they want it to be fast and easy to use – like a smartphone. SYNC 3 delivers on that request.” SYNC 3 features all-new hardware and software, building on the capability of the industry-leading technology that launched in 2007. Ford SYNC is now in more than 12 million vehicles on the road globally. Click here to see SYNC 3 in action. Easy-to-use voice recognition brings more capability Ford SYNC – the industry’s first system to widely and most affordably offer voice-activated technology to control smartphones – is becoming more capable by minimizing the number of steps needed to carry out commands. Selecting music, making a call or searching for a destination is easier than ever, thanks to SYNC 3’s simpler command structure. Ford was first to bring voice control to in-vehicle apps with AppLink™, and the experience is further improved with SYNC 3. AppLink allows customers to connect their smartphone to their vehicle and control compatible apps using voice commands or buttons on the vehicle display screen. AppLink automatically discovers smartphone apps including Spotify, Pandora, Glympse, NPR One and iHeart Auto (iHeartRadio’s automotive app), and displays each app’s unique graphics and branding. Music and news apps are automatically displayed along with other media sources – just like AM/FM or SiriusXM. Additionally, when connected to an Apple iPhone, SYNC 3 offers seamless integration of Siri Eyes-Free capability. Drivers can seek Siri’s help by holding down SYNC’s Push to Talk steering wheel button – much as they would on an iPhone to initiate a Siri session. Intuitive interface SYNC 3 is optimized for hands-free use. Plus, the all-new capacitive touch screen technology offers an experience similar to a smartphone or tablet. Quicker response to touch, as well as voice commands and smartphone-like gestures including pinch-to-zoom and swipe are central to SYNC 3 – along with crisp, modern graphics. On-screen complexity is reduced and control options used most are prioritized. The home screen features three zones – Navigation, Audio and Phone. Tile-like icons dominate, with a quick access function tray along the bottom making for a more straightforward user experience. Phone contacts are searchable via a simple swipe of the finger to scroll through the alphabet. With One Box Search, users can look up points of interest or enter addresses in much the same way they use an Internet search engine. Additional features, including subscription-free 911 Assist As with earlier generations of the technology, SYNC 3 provides subscription-free emergency service 911 Assist®. The customer’s Bluetooth-connected phone is used to dial 911 in the event of a significant accident – alerting first responders with vehicle location. With SYNC 3, the car relays additional information – including if airbags deploy, whether the crash is front, side, rear or rollover, and the number of safety belts detected in use – to help emergency call-takers dispatch appropriate resources to the scene. SYNC 3 now also features the ability to update software via Wi-Fi. Once a vehicle is set up with credentials for a home Wi-Fi network accessible in a customer’s driveway or garage, it can automatically download updates.