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Found 25 results

  1. I have a 2019 F-150 XLT and when I turn off the truck with the key and get out the radio station that is on does not stay when I turn it back on. Example if I get out of my truck and it is on 98.9 FM and I get back in at whether it's 5 minutes later or 5 days later the radio station will it change to 103.9 for no reason. But, for whatever reason, the station it is on when I turn it off is not the same station when I turn it back on with the key of course. If I turn it off while I am in it with the power button and then turn it back on later, it is the same, but, if I turn off the key and get out and then get back in and no specific amount of time, the radio station will have changed. Has anyone else had this problem and how can I fix it? I have tried doing a master reset but that has not worked. I have software version 3.3 and no navigation.
  2. When I hook my Galaxy S20 to the USB port I get the following error: Connected USB device not responding. I have tried different USB cables and still get the error. Would like to get connected this wat for the Android Auto but have been unable to. I have a 2017 Explorer with Sync 3.
  3. Good evening everyone... I'm from Brazil, and I have a 2016 Ford Focus 2.0 Titanium Plus Fastback. I decided to upgrade from Sync 2 to Sync 3, and for that I bought a Sync 3 kit that was from a 2018 Ford Fusion. Everything was going well in the installation... I thought everything would work plug and play... but there were some problems... The first is that my steering wheel control buttons are no longer working.... The on-screen temperature control didn't work either. Can anyone tell me what to do? Or is it possible to adjust through FORScam? Thanks to everyone who can help! Hugs
  4. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7. It pairs fine with Sync 2 (2015 F-250), but will not stay connected, drops and repairs over and over, with 2017 Ford Fusion that has Sync 3. Dealer has checked car, updated software and checked APIM and found no issues. Have deleted cache on phone, deleted and repaired phone and updated phone on Sync with no solution. It seems to work for awhile after these efforts, but soon begins again with the issues. A basic phone, Kyrocera Dura and all phones the dealer tested seem to have no issues. The only really weird thing is that when the radio/cd player on, it seems to work fine. I don't know if that is related or not. Ford support is of no help and Samsung is nearly impossible to reach. Help appreciated.
  5. I have a 2019 Ford EcoSport with Sync 3. I've noticed that the forward and backward buttons on the steering wheel only change between the six stations on the first page of radio presets. How can I continue onto the second and third pages without having to quit out of Android Auto etc.
  6. 2018 Fusion Titanium Energi. I tried to update the software it seems that I have the latest. The one that added Waze. Sync will reboot randomly. It just dies then restarts by itself. I am using it with Apple Carplay and my iPhone is on the latest software. (iPhone XR) Carplay has issues of its own, such as freezing and being unresponsive on the phone as well. Any magic bullet would be appreciated.
  7. Last fall, I bought a 2018 Explorer Sport. I really like the vehicle. I live in Minnesota, and like many states, legislation is probably going to ban holding a cell phone, which is a good thing, so hands free will be ok. I have an iphone, and many times during the day, I call into my landline at work, to check to see if I have any voicemails. To get into my voice mail, even if I am at my desk at work, or on my iphone in my Ford, I need to punch in my extension, and my password (4 digit number). I found a way on my i phone that I have programmed it, with (#) and (,) between my extension and password, so, I do not physically have to punch in these extra numbers. So, here is my question. If I have my phone linked to Sync 3, I have to actually speed dial by hitting my name on my I phone, and it will dial my voicemail at work, and once again, I do not need to punch in my extension or password. If I were to hit my steering wheel button, and say "Call Steve Voice" which is what I call my voice mail at work, it will dial my voicemail at work, but than it will ask me to enter my extension and password. I would like to know how, by using my voice, I can avoid having to punch in my extension and password. Yesterday, just for the heck of it, I plugged my phone into the system via the cord, and hit my button on the steering wheel, and asked the system "Call Steve Voice", and it automatically recognized my extension and password, and in this case, stated I had no voicemails. So, plugged in it works with my voice, and if not plugged in, It dials my voicemail, but than I would need to physically enter my extension and password, wither on my i phone, or, on the keyboard on Sync 3. Any thoughts on how I can get Sync 3 to recognize my extension and password without being plugged in would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I can't get Siri/Voice commands to work with the USB stick in Sync 3. I have even tried saying the basic voice command "USB" to Siri and she doesn't recognize it. I say "Play" and the song title, artist, etc but she doesn't understand. The FLAC music files play fine and I edited the ID tags (artist name ,ablum, etc) of the songs as well. Has anyone had any success with USB music voice commands? What am I doing wrong?
  9. I have a 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid, and I upgraded my SYNC 2 software to SYNC 3, and noticed my radio stations presets are still the same? I was wondering, how those stations got configured, was it by dealer and why does it not get erased, when I do "Software Update" or "Master Reset". I have even done Master Reset 3 or 4 times, and that data does not get cleared, the reason I am asking is that my set up was working perfect with iPhone 6, carplay but a friend of mine, connected his Samsung S6 over console USB to my car to get it charged )SYNC asked if he wanted to connect the Android phone and he said no) while I had my iPhone 6, IOS 11.x also connected over USB, and right then my iPhone music kept getting dropped and tons of new issues appeared. Issue 1 The iPhone navigation being displayed on SYNC 3, now shows my car icon, speeding on the road like Speedy Gonzales, with a much larger road display Issue 2 My phone call drop and the SYNC 3 does not see my phone, I have to unplug the phone and reconnect Issue 3 The over the steering controls for music do not work anymore So I decided to reset and I did that few times, and issues are still there, I have done a Software update this morning via USB stick back to SYNC 3 and hope that is fixed the issue, I have not driven the car to see if that solved the issue. In general I am looking for a way to completely reset and erase everything hoping I get the software back to square 1. Thanks.
  10. I just bought a escape with sync 3 and I'm trying to get android auto from Google to work I tryed 2 different phones and went to the dealer dose anyone have any idea how to get it to work
  11. Hi...I was able to upload the Sync 3 2.2 upgrade to my 2016 Edge and it was successful (so it says). When I went to use the Navigation, I noticed that there were no voice instructions and there was a voice button on the screen with an 'check' through it...when I clicked on it, it did change color but the 'check' did not go away and there was no voice. Also, when I click the voice control button on the steering wheel, I get a message saying that Voice Recognition is Not Ready. I tried different things...reloading update, resetting to factory settings (it did not remove the update)...I chatted with Ford and was told to reset the radio (hold seek button and radio power button at same time)...nothing has worked. I did call the dealer and they said to bring it in (sounded like he never heard of this). I have an appointment for next month... Anyone familiar with this or have any ideas? Thanks! segald
  12. I have a 2016 Ford Focus ST-line and I'm very disappointed with the Sync 3 navigation on it. It's had its module replaced but it still isn't performing as I think it should. It locks up and seems to be very slow. It doesn't seem to detect traffic and when it says there's traffic there isn't any. What's your experience of it? Clive from the UK.
  13. Using a USB stick with playlists does not indicate playlists with Browse button, just songs. However, voice command will find the playlist and play them. Is there any way this can be fixed? Small issue to fix...
  14. Sync will sink only certain apps amd make them appear as a little box on the apps page on the productive screen. These apps include spotify pandora and several other. Android amd I0s compatible apps vary slight but i was wondering if skype will show up as a box just like spotify does? I recently purchaces a Ford Fusion 2017 and currently own an android device. Thanks for the help!
  15. pdalper

    overlay screen

    Why am I getting an occasional white screen with my car's picture, from above, on the home screen covering the screen and unable to remove. What does it mean? Happened twice so far. Car picture faces the direction you are traveling at the time. The only way to remove is to turn off engine and restart. Any ideas?
  16. I have a 2016 F150 with sync 3 purchased in June.. I cannot get the traffic to show on my nav screen. Also the maps seem to be 2 years old.. I am told Ford is working on a solution.. Has anyone else experienced this?
  17. Hello, This is my first post to this forum. Has anyone noticed that occasionally the information that is displayed about an MP3 file is incorrect or partially incorrect? I have yet to identify a specific pattern here, as I haven't had time to experiment with it. What I have seen so far: Artist: BANNERS Displayed as: The Banner Artist: 24 Gone Displayed as: 20/40 something something (I don't remember what) There have been other songs displayed with wrong tag info, even after I went back and verified the tags were correct. None of the files have non-alphabetical characters in their filenames or tags. All of the files are on an error-free 32GB flash drive, formatted as FAT32. All of the songs play fine, but not all of them have album art. packrat
  18. Exospawn


    Was doing a search for suggestions on features and changes, wasn't sure where to go and found this forum. Hopefully this is a good place for this. Things I'd like to see updated/changed 1) Temperature radial - Have it change between blue and red if you change the temperature and the new temp will trigger heating or cooling. 2) Customize the modules on the home screen. (IE: I have no use for the compass, option to remove it or replace it with something else) 3) Start up on the last screen. Mine always starts back at the home screen, even if I shut it off while in Audio mode. 4) Adjust day/night dimmer settings. My lights come on automatically and the radio dims. But at dusk or dawn, this can make it difficult to see. I've actually had my lights go on and off during dusk hours as I pass under shaded areas. 5) I want to shut Sync help voice off completely. I turned it to advance mode to stop her always saying "What can I help you with" or whatever. But If she doesn't understand your command, she goes off on this long tirade of options. Only way I found to shut her up was to hit the voice button again to shut her up then again to retry. I think the "Boink Boink" sound is enough to let me know she didn't understand. And then let me ask for help.
  19. Hi , I have an issue with my iphone 6 ios 10.2.1, when i plug it to my ford fusion sync 3 it disconnects immediately , I tried to restart my phone, the car, reset ford touch to factory settings, disable bluetooth and wifi , tried both usb ports but still having the same issue, i need help please
  20. I know this might be a long shot but does anyone know if it is possible to add the Ford Factory Navigation after the fact. I bought a 2016 F150 XLT with Sync 3 off a lot and it didn't have navigation and I have come to the conclusion that I would really rather have the nav on the 8in Sync screen then my small garmin screen. So if anyone has added navigation after the fact or have any knowledge if this is even possible i would greatly appreciate it. I know you can add nav to a 2015 F150 with MFT but i can't seem to find anything for a 2016 with Sync 3.
  21. Macaddict16

    iOS 10 Beta on Sync 3?

    I know this is a huge longshot, but was wondering if anyone has access to the iOS 10 beta and has access to a SYNC 3 that has access to CarPay (I believe only currently in the 2017 Ford Escape)? I was wondering if you would be able to post your thoughts and experiences. I realize this is a super specific request, but thought I would toss it out there. Thanks!
  22. I have a 2016 Ford Fiesta SFE. Only Sync option available for this car from the factory was your basic Sync (or Sync 1?). The SE version of my car comes with the new Sync 3 and from what i understand, the only differance between the SE and SFE is the 1.0l ecoboost engine. So my question is, can I purchase the sync 3 system and install? Physically they're the same dimension with exception for the larger screen for the Sync 3. Do they share the same harness interface? Would the new stereo system require a VIN programming or would it be just a plug and play setup? Anyone have any advice here?
  23. So excited, just picked up new 2016 Ruby Red C-Max Energi last night!!! Very confused as to why I am not seeing the Climate Logo on the Sync 3 and can not Voice activate. Is Climate an Additional Feature? I have the 302A Equipment Group. Thanks for any feedback~ Ecatruss
  24. I have migrated from MFT to Sync 3 in a new 2016 Escape. I have noticed an occasional "glitch" in my ipod classic when navigation is active. Ford tech services says the ipod classic is not supported for sync 3 as it was in the MFT. Is this true? I did check and can not find ANY list of a supported media player for Sync 3 as there was for the MFT. Does this mean that Ford no longer support any USB media players? I am also struggling with the technical skills of the Ford folks. One person has told me that two devices COULD NOT BE PLUGGED INTO THE USB PORTS (2) AT THE SAME TIME AND ANOTHER SAID IT WAS NO PROBLEM. Does anyone have any clue as to what media players will work when connected by USB port? Thanks
  25. James Roberts

    SYNC 3 Frustrations

    While I had limited interactions with Microsoft's OS on the My Ford Touch models, I can't help but express my discontent with the overall visual appeal of the interface. This might sound like a minor complaint, but I was looking at a video of the S550 Mustang GT with the new SYNC 3 platform when my uncle passes by, and literally word for word said "Is that the new Prius?". Needless to say, someone who is looking at a top of the line brand new 2016 model GT, does NOT want anything about their car to resemble anything that a Prius would be sporting. The interface looks like something Jitterbug would make if they produced IVI's, large button menu tray at the bottom? Why not improve upon the original design template. The quadrants were more appealing and I had zero trouble accessing the different menus. The theme itself looks like it came straight out of a third-party media player. The blue isn't even a deep ford blue color. As far as I could tell there was no customization, no more wallpapers, night-time schemes, display color customization inline with ambient lighting? Honestly, the technology itself is impressive, just the way it is being delivered is a little less than satisfying. I will still opt for the SYNC 3 over the precious OS when i head to dealerships this fall to purchase my new Mustang, but one of the honest selling points behind the GT Premium was the lavish looking touch screen system. I hope in the future Ford and QNX will announce better customization options for those who like their car to be just as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. I know the odds are against me that anyone in the Ford/QNX company will see this forum post, but if you do PLEASE CONSIDER MY WORDS!!! It's such a great system, but when i look at it, it doesn't make me want it. Make. Me. Want. It.