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Found 5 results

  1. I am trying to update My Ford sync on 2013 Ford Edge, and I downloaded from the ford site the Update files after entering the vehicle VIN. I print out and try to follow the install instructions, and nothing works. I am including the instructions I have I started vehicle, I have no phone, pressed the Phone button on the steering wheel and could not scroll anywhere. I went settings, found update software, click and it shows what is in the attached Picture BRW105BAD1CD437_000035.pdf
  2. Hi all, I'm hoping somebody can assist in my quest to get Android Auto working in my 2017 Focus ST. The Sync 3 system is running the latest version 3.0, has the latest navigation updates, but still has the same issue it had when it was collected in Feb this year, despite Ford claiming the update from 2.2 would fix it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIxyfECjTXs As you can see in the Video, Sync is up to date and I have tested 2 phones. Both phones behave exactly the same despite one being on Android 5.0, and the other being on Android 7.0. Both USB Ports behave the same. Both phones have been tested on OEM cables and upgraded Anker braided cables. My Ford dealer had the car for 4 hours to try and solve the problem, and claimed it was working fine but within 1 mile of driving away from the dealer, the problem returned. It transpired that the technician was trying out the 'Apps' part of Sync 3, and as I was at the dealers waiting my phone connected and he was able to load Accuweather and Glympse just fine, and thought that he was testing Android Auto! Despite the firmware being re-flashed, the dealer thinks it's a firmware problem but I'm convinced it's hardware related. Can anyone offer assistance on how to cure this annoying problem, as I don't trust my dealer as they openly admitted that they had no idea what Android Auto was or how it worked.
  3. I love my 2013 Ford C-Max SEL that I bought in October 2012. I hate the Sync system because of all the problems I am having with it and the dealers complete inability to fix it, which is probably Ford's problem. I'm an IT guy, so I'd like to report these problems somewhere that can actually get the bugs filed and fixes on the way so that I and many other Ford owners can love their cars fully. Here's my list of problems. I have photos of most of them happening. GPS off by several blocks often (over a mile occasionally) GPS map being completely blank Navigation SD Card Fault numerous times Blank Stations for the radio for hours at a time (problem persists through restarting the car) Completely blank Sync screen Blank Sync Screen with only the colored band across the bottom or top Multi-minute delay for voice calling to actually placing the call (I often end up manually placing the call and start talking only to hear the Sync say "calling so and so." Long periods of unresponsiveness from Sync, 5-7 minutes at a time (sometimes with beeps when I press a sport that should do something, sometimes no sound) Warning about performing scheduled maintenance Issues getting SyncMyRide setup (I think that is resolved) Issues generating vehicle health report (resolved but practically useless) Sync will not shut off when paired with my wife's phone - we've had to completely unpair it and not be able to use handsfree or it won't turn off even after the car has been off for hours. Let me know what debugging information is helpful and I'm happy to report this to the appropriate folks if I can just find out where to do that. Thanks, Jon
  4. Sorry if this has been posted, but in looking through the posts, I couldn't find a recent one. I just bought a new 2013 Fusion Titanium and I love it. The car kicks butt. I love the styling, handling, power and gas mileage. I'm coming off an Infiniti and I'm happy as can be. Except for the Sync. There are some really strange things about it that make me yell not-so-nice words to her a few times a week. - When playing my iPod, the shuffle never stays on. I've seen a post that says others experience this too, but is this a bug, design or what? Will it be fixed? Every time I shut the car, I need to click shuffle - all again, even though it is set that way, or it will go song by song. - I like my sound setting set to "Surround". I need to set it this way every time I turn on the car. Again, very annoying. - You can't play a playlist through voice commands. She brings up the list and you need to pick it. Seems to defeat the hands-free value. - On the phone, I have a few contacts that are just the first name. She does not like this. I've given up and just use the buttons. - The voice recognition is ok, but not great. She makes Siri look very smart. There are some good features too. Setting climate seems to work well. The navigation is good, once you set the destination (which can be a little cumbersome). The information it provides, such as current street and compass are great. Still love the car, but any help in making me happier with Sync would be greatly appreciated! Ford - you should have teamed up with Apple!
  5. I see a lot of people complaining about SYNC, but I can't get a handle on how severe my problems with it are, compared to everyone else. The difficulties I have experienced from the start run the gamut: random switching between USB/BTST/Line In, navigation oddities, complete voice command failures, satellite radio malfunctions, sudden inability to recognize previously operating iPod, "unplayable media file" errors, random switching between satellite and FM, and probably more that I can't think of at the moment. Is this typical? I have taken it in to the dealership once, and while they repaired the sudden "voice commands not supported" error that had cropped up, nothing else got any better. Did I get a lemon, or are they all this dysfunctional?