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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Recently my Bluetooth stopped working on my 2015 mustang, I thought it was maybe my phone but I have tried multiple phones and none work. I went on owner.ford.com website and I clicked to check if I needed a software update and it's telling me I need a software update. I followed the instructions on how to do a software update but when I plug in the USB it and try to do the update sync says it cannot find the files to update. I tried to do browse USB to see if it would see anything but it keeps asking me to plug in to USB 1 when I plugin to USB 1 sometimes it says that there is an error reading the USB then it tells me to plug in to USB 2 so I do but same thing it cant read USB and it tells me to plug in USB to UBS 1. I tried formatting the USB drive to exFAT and also FAT32 and no luck. I even tried putting an MP3 on the drive to see if it would read it and nothing.. I use the bluetooth A LOT and its driving me crazy that it stopped working.. Anyone has any ideas?
  2. Hi, I have a 2015 Mustang GT. I replaced the stock head unit with a Sync 3 model last year. I just picked up the required USB hub update for CarPlay and Android auto, but the pins don't line up - My 2015 unit has both USB and SD card, and the new hub is USB only. It looks like there are an extra 4 pins on the old unit for the SD card so the wiring adapter won't fit in the new hub. Has anybody successfully wedged this newer hub into a 2015 Mustang? Best-case, it would be awesome if somebody made an 8 to 4-pin adapter so it was just plug and play. If not, does anybody know the model number of the 2016 plug, and hopefully the correct wiring pinouts so I could cut and splice things myself? Happy to hear any suggestions. Thanks! Oh yeah, almost forgot to post an image. Here are both units - The older, 8-pin unit is on top.
  3. I have a 2015 Mustang GT with the 8" touchscreen and Sync 2 / MyFordTouch. I'd like to upgrade to SYNC 3 which appears to require a whole new head unit. It looks like the units are starting to trickle out (There's one here) and I'm just wondering if A) all the connectors will be the same and if everything will "just work", like my climate controls, remote start etc. It's pretty new so I'm not expecting many success stories yet but I do see some ford techs on this forum so perhaps they'd be able to offer some information. It stinks that my shiny almost-new car is stuck with this 5 year old technology and there's no other option (that I can find) to get a modern head unit. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have two vehicles, a 2013 F-150 and 2015 Mustang. Both have the Sync with My Ford Touch. I have two devices, a Motorola Nexus 6 that I use as my phone and sync over Bluetooth, and an iPhone 5 running iOS 9.3 beta which I use as my music player and nav. The iPhone is connected via USB. The iPhone's USB connection has always been flaky in the Mustang but rock solid in the F-150. In the Mustang it would sometimes show up as a device and sometimes it wouldn't. Sometimes it wouldn't show up at first but after driving a few miles down the road it would suddenly appear in my list of devices. It would always charge when plugged in, though. I thought that maybe a software update would fix things so I decided to update both vehicles' Sync to the latest version this past Saturday (I don't know what version either vehicle was previously and I bought the Mustang used so I have no history). Well, after the upgrade, the iPhone no longer works in either vehicle over USB. As it did previously, the device does charge when plugged in, but now it never shows up, ever, no matter what I do. I've tried different cables (Apple and third-party branded) but it doesn't make a difference. The iPhone does work when I paid it with Bluetooth, but it's a wrestling match every time I start my vehicle as my phone is set as my preferred device. How can I fix this? I just want the iPhone to show up as a device when I plug the usb cable in so I can get my music back. Thanks in advance.
  5. James Roberts

    SYNC 3 Frustrations

    While I had limited interactions with Microsoft's OS on the My Ford Touch models, I can't help but express my discontent with the overall visual appeal of the interface. This might sound like a minor complaint, but I was looking at a video of the S550 Mustang GT with the new SYNC 3 platform when my uncle passes by, and literally word for word said "Is that the new Prius?". Needless to say, someone who is looking at a top of the line brand new 2016 model GT, does NOT want anything about their car to resemble anything that a Prius would be sporting. The interface looks like something Jitterbug would make if they produced IVI's, large button menu tray at the bottom? Why not improve upon the original design template. The quadrants were more appealing and I had zero trouble accessing the different menus. The theme itself looks like it came straight out of a third-party media player. The blue isn't even a deep ford blue color. As far as I could tell there was no customization, no more wallpapers, night-time schemes, display color customization inline with ambient lighting? Honestly, the technology itself is impressive, just the way it is being delivered is a little less than satisfying. I will still opt for the SYNC 3 over the precious OS when i head to dealerships this fall to purchase my new Mustang, but one of the honest selling points behind the GT Premium was the lavish looking touch screen system. I hope in the future Ford and QNX will announce better customization options for those who like their car to be just as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. I know the odds are against me that anyone in the Ford/QNX company will see this forum post, but if you do PLEASE CONSIDER MY WORDS!!! It's such a great system, but when i look at it, it doesn't make me want it. Make. Me. Want. It.