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Found 20 results

  1. 1) Hello I have a Ford Fusion Hybird 2011 and have a unique problem that seems to be a bit of a mystery. 2) Phone says its connected and can dial a number, but once the number is dialed by SYNC, i cannot hear a thing. 3) Sync says its connected. Turned Bluetooth on/off on both the phone and SYNC. Rebooted Phone. Re-paired the phone. SYNC Master Reset. SYN Module Reset. SYNC Factory Reset. SYNC Key Cycle (several times). 4) Bluetooth Audio NEVER works at the moment though it worked fine last week (as did the phone). It worked fine for almost 2 weeks. 5) Over the weekend, received an alert "Bluetooth Disconnected". Have not been able to re-establish since that time. 6) Have Sony Premium Audio with Navigation and according to Ford's website, I have 4 mini-software updates available for my current software version (point releases) 7) Am hesitant, due to lack of experience, to disconnect the battery, which I've never done before, but I read on google that some folks have gotten success with that. 😎 Sync Voice Commands work for everything except BlueTooth Audio. It simply never hears me say "Play". 9) At this point, I'd be just happy if I got the phone to work properly. I have a USB adapter to play my music. 10) Am scheduled to visit the dealer later this week as a last resort. 11) Would like to resolve this before visiting dealership altogether.
  2. When I connect my iPhone Xs Max to my 2018 F150 sync immediately my cell phone number is displayed with the call timer going. I have the latest Sync firmware (however this happened before the update) The software version on my cell 14.4.2 (again, this was happening before with other versions). When Bluetooth is disconnected on my cell the call terminates I have removed Sync from my phone, rebooted both the phone and restarted the vehicle and paired the iPhone to the vehicle with the same result Appears to affect Airplay from launching
  3. Hi, I'm from Germany and currently driving an 2018 Focus with SYNC 3. Until a few days ago I connected my iPhone 6 (iOS 11) only via Bluetooth and everything was fine. Since I learned of the Ford Pass App with Live Traffic I'm also connecting the iPhone via USB. This is when the problems started showing up. It took a couple of days and many attempts until SYNC finally managed to index my music via USB. Then when I added a couple of songs it started all over again. Is this the usual behaviour? Sometimes after connecting via USB I get error messages saying "No media found on this device" and most of the times this happens, I cannot even use Bluetooth Audio anymore. It keeps showing up in the "source" screen but I cannot select it. I have to restart the iPhone / disable / enable bluetooth / disconnect / reconnect via USB or even restart the car. I would be OK with not being able to play music via USB but then why does Bluetooth Audio also make troubles? Since I really like the live traffic feature I want to keep using the USB connection.. I mean I cannot even charge my phone without alot of problems showing up.. Any help / suggestions? Cheers, David
  4. For some reason when I plug my iPhone into the USB to stream music, it doesn't charge my phone. My phone shows indication of charging but stays at the same percentage even when plugged in for hours. My music automatically stops playing music (pauses) almost every time I press skip on my phone or through the steering wheel control. It doesn't play audio on other apps such as snapchat or youtube, and occasionally I have to switch to the other sources and back to USB to get it to work and it is driving me crazy. Already did a master reset and it's updated to the latest version. Please help!
  5. Here is the story, I used to be able to push my home button and activate Siri through the speakers of my 2013 Fusion with MyFord (not MyFord Touch). Recently, an update came out for the Sync system (V4.6), so I updated it and now this function is gone. Has anyone else seen this same issue? Do you have any fix for it? I am curious as it used to be really convenient to have Siri activated through the easy press of a button. Now, it makes it almost impossible to activate or requires more fiddling with my phone. Thanks in advance!
  6. I updated my iPhone today to iOS 12, and can report that, so far, my Sync 3 system seems to play well with it. (I thought at first it didn't, as when I plugged the phone in to USB in my 2017 Titanium Edge, I couldn't get CarPlay to start. Unplugging/replugging the phone didn't seem to solve the issue. However, after make a stop for about 20 minutes, I started the car and plugged the phone in...this time CarPlay came up).
  7. I have an issue where my iPhone disconnects from Ford Sync 2 in my 2015 Focus Connection: USB Issue started when I updated to iOS 12 beta from iOS 11on my iPhone X. Music would play for between 2-6 minutes and then the music would stop and the controls on the Sync screen wouldn't control the music. Press play on the iPhone and music played from the iPhone, and then a message appears on the Sync 2 - 'iPhone disconnected' When the problem manifested, i immediately rolled back to iOS11and all was fine. I then got the official iOS 12 and same thing happened - iPhone would disconnect from USB ( Bluetooth is always fine) Then got the iPhone XS Max and the same thing. Updated to iOS12.1 and that didn't resolve the issue I have clean installed the iOS from factory settings as well. I have reset Sync 2. This for me appears to be an iOS12 issue. Apple are looking into it with an open ticket. I have sent them log files and they connected to the phone remotely and took logs as the fault manifested live, and they have video as well. They said that they have other cases with the same issue. My Sync2 appears to be unto date too I hope they fix it or Apple and Ford talk to each other and fix issue
  8. Hi guys. I have a 2014 Fiesta with the original version of Sync that looks like the image below. My iPhone 7 works really well with it over Bluetooth, but I prefer using USB as the audio quality is better, it's louder, and shows song info on the car display. USB keeps disconnecting, causing the phone to switch to Bluetooth. I then have to switch the stereo over to bluetooth. If I try to go back to USB it doesn't see the phone. Sometimes it lasts a few songs before it disconnects. I can't tell whether it's a physical connection issue as it sometimes does it after going over bumps etc. Weirdly it kept doing it persistently when approaching the Blackwall Tunnel. Any ideas? I'm taking the car in for a service at Ford this week so will ask them, but I imagine they'll charge me £75 for nothing and won't be able to replicate the problem. I've checked the Ford website and it says my firmware is up-to-date. Cheers in advance.
  9. I purchased a new 2017 Ford Fusion and one of the things what I wanted was the new Sync 3. I have two issues on on Sync3 is working with text messages from my Iphone. 1. When I receive a text message and select to hear it, I can't hear the text message over the radio. I would have expected that when I select to hear a text message that my radio volume would temporarily turn off, so I can hear the text message and then the radio volume turns back on. Instead the text message is spoken over the radio that is playing and you can't hear the text message. I know this is not an IPhone Carplay issue because i also have a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado that has Apple Carplay and the radio volume turns off when it plays the text message. What changes do I need to make to Sync 3 to make this work? 2. I had the older version of Sync on my 2012 Ford F1t50 pickup. I think it was Sync 2. With the older version I could tell Sync to send a text message to someone that was in my phone list. I am able respond to an existing text but not able to create a new text. I have not been able to figure out how you do that on Sync 3. How to send text messages in Sync 3?
  10. My iPhone SE can pair with Sync through the "phone" menu and I can make calls and use the voice activated features and everything. However, whenever I try to use the "Bluetooth Audio" feature, Sync can't find my phone. It says there is no bluetooth device, even though my phone is already paired with the car. I've tried the different pairing fixes offered on Ford's website, and even tried a master reset, but I still can't get my phone to connect to the "Bluetooth Audio." I'm hoping to avoid a trip to a dealership. Thank you in advance!
  11. Hello everyone! 2011 Ford Explorer Limited Sync Version: SYNC2-V3.8; EA5T-14D544-AD Sometime over the past year or so (I'm a little behind in my post) my Sync started dropping audio when connected via USB and streaming to my iPhone from certain sources. If I use Bluetooth audio - no problem. If I'm plugged in and playing iTunes media or Amazon Music - no problem. If I'm plugged in and streaming YouTube videos or embedded social media videos, the audio plays for 10-15 seconds and then stops. The video continues to play. Any ideas? Thanks, Kevin
  12. I have a Ford Fiesta SE 1.0L 3-cylinder engine. Prior to upgrading to Sync 4.4 (from 4.3), I had no problems using my iPhone's Map app to announce navigation directions to the car's speakers. I made sure the HFP prompt is enabled, which means that even if the iPhone is not selected as the audio source, the navigation prompts still comes through to the car speakers. My dealer upgraded my Sync 4.3 to Sync 4.4 and now I have problems where the iPhone's navigation prompts are always cutoff in the beginning. So for example, when the iPhone is supposed to announce through the car speakers "In 1 mile, turn left on Main Street", what I hear instead through the speakers is "...turn left on Main Street". Or, when the iPhone is supposed to announce through the car speakers "Slight right on to Anywhere Road", I hear instead "...On to anywhere Road" I have confirmed basically what is happening is that the "In 1 mile" portion of the prompt (approximately 2 seconds) does seem to be sent to the car speaker, but MySync is not fast enough to say this information. What is the fix? Is there a fix for this? I regret asking my dealer to upgrade to 4.4, because 4.3 was working pretty well. Only sometimes 4.3's bluetooth would act up and then I'd have to reboot the system, but that was rare. Help?
  13. grafen22

    Hate Ford

    Just venting my frustration with Ford. I loved my 2014 Fusion Hybrid and the MyTouch when I first got it. The most useful feature was my ability to use my iPhones address book to select an address and have it used by the Navigation System. (That was after spending hours to change the "Country" code to 2 characters in hundreds of contacts). Then the first Sync upgrade came out and that feature was eliminated and subsequent updates have not returned that feature. I've installed several updates since that first, I honestly i can't see any performance enhancements; only new glitches. Now, that Ford has moved on to Gen 3, I don't have any faith in Ford to fix issues wth Gen 2. Another real pet peeve of mind is you can't (the dealer can't) reverse any upgrades to the system; no way to reset the system back to original software setup and Ford doesn't tell you what the upgrade will accomplish. No more Fords for me.
  14. I have two vehicles, a 2013 F-150 and 2015 Mustang. Both have the Sync with My Ford Touch. I have two devices, a Motorola Nexus 6 that I use as my phone and sync over Bluetooth, and an iPhone 5 running iOS 9.3 beta which I use as my music player and nav. The iPhone is connected via USB. The iPhone's USB connection has always been flaky in the Mustang but rock solid in the F-150. In the Mustang it would sometimes show up as a device and sometimes it wouldn't. Sometimes it wouldn't show up at first but after driving a few miles down the road it would suddenly appear in my list of devices. It would always charge when plugged in, though. I thought that maybe a software update would fix things so I decided to update both vehicles' Sync to the latest version this past Saturday (I don't know what version either vehicle was previously and I bought the Mustang used so I have no history). Well, after the upgrade, the iPhone no longer works in either vehicle over USB. As it did previously, the device does charge when plugged in, but now it never shows up, ever, no matter what I do. I've tried different cables (Apple and third-party branded) but it doesn't make a difference. The iPhone does work when I paid it with Bluetooth, but it's a wrestling match every time I start my vehicle as my phone is set as my preferred device. How can I fix this? I just want the iPhone to show up as a device when I plug the usb cable in so I can get my music back. Thanks in advance.
  15. I found a simple answer that four Ford Sync "experts" couldn't help me with in regard to getting iPhone contacts to sync with my 2013 F150 Ford Sync. My issue was that I use my iPhone for work and have 2000 contacts. These get downloaded every time I enter my truck (which totally doesn't work for Ford Sync system). No one could help and then I tried changing some settings in the iPhone to just my "Favorites." This worked. I wanted to be able to call people using voice commands instead of fumbling with my phone. Go to IPhone Settings, Bluetooth, SYNC, and press the little "i" in the circle so you can open up options for your SYNC connection. On this page select Sync Contacts (turns green for being activated) Select and check also in the GROUPS category: Phone Favorites Then make sure that in your Phone, Favorites Category, you have selected everyone you commonly call from your vehicle, most likely, this list will only be 10-50 and not your entire client contact list (of course there are exceptions such as if you do hundreds of sales calls from your phone. That "should" work, Good luck. Love my truck, but hate Ford Sync and I consider myself halfway tech savvy.
  16. So, IOS7 is just around the corner. There is news about what is going to be called "IOS in the car" where an iPhone can comunicate with your car. Looks like it will require anothe upgrade for Ford Sync, but may be down the road. Finally it will all work. I just hope it doesn't require a new car !!!! http://blogs.cars.com/kickingtires/2013/06/apples-ios7-ready-for-the-car.html See link.
  17. I am using an iPhone 4s, and my 2013 Fusion Hybrid Titanium has issues staying connected. I periodically get a "lost connection" and then trying to reconnect with my phone. When a call comes in, it take 5 to 10 seconds for my Sync system to switch from music to a screen where I can accept the call. Most times I just grab my phone and hit the answer button. Then I can hear my call with Sync. So I grab my phone and switch to speaker on the phone or just put the phone to my ear. Sometimes I ask the person to hold a second, and I can choose speaker, and then Sync on my phone to get Sync to work. Even if Sync was first selected. I have never had issues with my phone, and I use 3 different blue tooth devices with it, 1 BT speaker, 1 BT ear piece, and a BT Headphone set. All work perfect and instantly. I hope Ford updates it's Blue Tooth, or sync system. This is very frustrating.
  18. Hi, I am absolutely new to this forum and to Sync but would be grateful if you could help me. I am using the TomTom app on my iPhone. As soon as I connect my iPhone 4S iOS 6.1 via USB or Bluetooth to the car, the TomTom App doesn't talk any more. It only works when I play music from my iPhone at the same time. As soon as I switch to the car radio, it doesn't speak any more. I don't need to get TomTom speaking via Sync. I would be happy if it would still talk through the iPhone speakers. Any ideas? Thank you! Best regards Christiane
  19. I'm so frustrated at Ford at this point. My Galaxy S3 has always synced up with the Sync system in my 2011 Edge. My previous phone (HTC Sensation) did as well. But, there are two things that annoy the heck out of me on this thing....and yes, I just had the freshly released update and it's still a problem. I've also confirmed with Ford verbally they know about this issue (the 1st one I'll list) and there's nothing in the works to fix. 1. You cannot store your music on your SD card on your phone and play music via USB connection UNLESS you switch your phone to data mode. In other words....it's either a phone or a music player....it's not both, as far as Ford sees at least. I'm told that this same issue exists on the iPhone (though I know the iPhone isn't equipped to handle an SD card). So basically, the two most widly used phones in the country cannot get the benefit of playing music via USB connection. Ridiculous. 2. When I hop in my car, the phone syncs up via Bluetooth without delay. Unfortunately, as it relates to streaming music from my Galaxy S3 to my Sync system....90% of the time, I get what I call hiccups in the music. For example, if I begin to play a song, it plays a little, then there's a pause (no sound), then music, pause, music, pause...you get the idea. There's probably 30-40 such pauses during any given song. You can imagine....it makes doing this an incredible annoyance. Also, the artist and song title don't appear on the Sync screen either. I just see one artist, one song title...and it just stays there the whole time. Never changes. On my HTC Sensation, I got it all....the artist, the song title, AND I could use it all as a phone too. USB or Bluetooth. Ford doesn't seem to see a problem with any of this which is maddening, and they also have taken the approach to not communicate much about their development plans or known issues....except for these types of forums where people have to hunt for solutions. In addition, the Ford dealers need to hire a geek or two to manage the Sync issues for them. The existing personnel at the dealers I've been to (Los Angeles) are woefully prepared to deal with any of this, and you just get glossy eyes staring back at you when you ask a question. The best answer you can get from them is 'I think this fix we're about to load will fix that issue'. I love what Ford envisioned with Sync and it's not all bad. But, the way they choose to keep customers in the dark about it or how they deal with the problems is beyond poor.
  20. iPhone with IOS 5.x allows downloading of favorite contacts only to the sync phonebook. I have 2013 Ford edge with 4.7.x sync (non-touch) and iphone 4s. The key is to set it on the iphone's Bluetooth settings for "sync". Enable favorites and don't check "All Contacts". The "Other Groups" setting implies you might have more flexibility but none of my Outlook groups showed up as an option. I could not get "push contacts" or Ford's "Sync My Phone" to work (files get generated to the thumb drive, but Sync didn't like the signature). Suggestion to Ford: Make a rudimentary contacts import a part of the Sync platform. Then users would have a lot of control over what gets sucked into the Sync phonebook. My Outlook contacts, 1200 entries, has too much private data to be sitting outside all day and all night in my car. By reducing the phonebook to just favorites you get better performance on the voice recognition. As you can tell I went the long way around to get to this solution -- finally saw the link on the Ford website. Can't find it in the user's manual. http://support.ford.com/sync-technology/phone-compatibility-sync#reload