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Found 2 results

  1. All, Really need Help here. First let me start by saying I support software for a well known company for a living so I know my way around a computer. I have a 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum that is currently on Sync 3 Version 2.0. I have attempted the download through the auto updates and from the looks of it the check for updates is successful but nothing downloads. I went online and found that users can download it to USB and apply manually. I actually prefer this method so it wasn't a big deal. I registered my car VIN, and created an account about 2 months ago. I am also using Ford Pass. When i go to the Support>Sync Update Download page,for 2 months I have been getting the following message. "You do not have a download available at this time" Not only would I expect to see a prior version since there have been a few between 2.0 and 3.0, i get this message. So I decided to give the Sync 3 Support a try not only through the chat option, but by calling directly. Big Mistake! I have called numerous time in which: Call 1: You have 2.1 available on the page just go to the page and download it. Call2: Advised 2.1 was not available on the page and was told that its a known issue and to be patient. Chat: After going over the same steps for 30 minutes, I asked to escalate the issue. After another hold I was told that my system could "never" be updated as it was a limitation of my software. Being in support I asked what exactly was the limitation considering one of the features is automatic updates. They couldn't tell me. I asked to speak with someone who could further assist and was told that they were it. If I spent this much money on a car, I need specific information to what that limitation is. Not too much to ask for. The technician said they would escalate to tech support. Email From: Got a response from the escalated ticket just for them to say that some 2016 models cannot be upgraded. Good to know. If I know anyone with a 2016 model considering at this point I have stated numerous times I have a 2017. Email To: I Replied back and asked for further support and advised that the case clearly states I have a 2017 model. Received no response Email To: I then sent a follow up to see if any further assistance could be provided. Again I received no response. Call 3: Was told the same thing as call 1. Which is it? Limitation of my software or not? Mixed answers. I asked to speak to a manager/supervisor so we can figure this out. I was told manager would say the same thing. So I said that it is fine, I will discuss it with him to see who I need to talk to net to get this resolved. I was then hung up on Only good news I received this time was the survey the automated system asked me to take. Gladly! Call 4: Called back the normal number and said that I simply wanted a number that I could file a complaint. Also tried different browsers to see if this was the issue: FireFox, Edge, Chrome and same thing. All i want is to be able to talk to someone who is knowledgeable and not reading from a troubleshooting script. The only contact information always brings me to support and the same people. You literally cannot file a complaint if you wanted to! I have scoured the internet and am suprised I cant find anything, Am I the only one having this issue? Before I go as far as sending snail mail to their CEO, maybe someone here can help? Since I cant get any help, has anyone else had this problem and resolved it? or I am confident I can perform the update myself and can likely find it online, however I would like to see if anyone else has done it by downloading the update from a 3rd party and not Ford. Anyone download from a 3rd party and install?
  2. Less than two weeks after purchasing my 2017 Fusion Energi, and installing MyFordMobile on my iPhone (the app) and on my desktop and laptop, MFM stopped working (failed to update). I could not access current information on either my iPhone or my desktop or my laptop (I tried all three). So, I went to the Fusion Energi boards and learned that other owners of 2017 Fusion Energis had encountered the same problem. Apparently, there is a software and/or hardware problem that causes the onboard circuit for MFM to shut down. And not reset. The fix is to pull Fuse 10 from the fusebox under and to the left of the steering wheel, and then reinsert it. Sort of the MFM equivalent of Ctrl-Alt-Del. I called Ford to alert them to the problem with my car, asked that they create a case number for the problem, and told them I would go to the dealer to have the problem checked out. I went to the dealer today and they informed me there was no technical service bulletin on this problem. They did pull Fuse 10 and reinsert it. Voila! MFM began working again on my IPhone and desktop/laptop. For two hours. Then it stopped working again. I have advised both Ford and my dealer, and hope that Ford "mans up" and stops pretending this problem is unique to my car. BTW, trying to pull Fuse 10 yourself is a non-trivial task. You have to pull down the finish trim piece under the steering wheel, then reach way back to the fuse panel to the left and below the steering wheel - making sure you have located the correct fuse (it's amber and marked "5" for the amperage), then manage to pull the fuse. As my service rep remarked, the design was done by engineers who will never have to pull a fuse!