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Found 6 results

  1. When using maps, after each voice instruction, the radio comes on, (usually tuned to static because I'm traveling)- any idea how to stop this?
  2. My iPhone SE can pair with Sync through the "phone" menu and I can make calls and use the voice activated features and everything. However, whenever I try to use the "Bluetooth Audio" feature, Sync can't find my phone. It says there is no bluetooth device, even though my phone is already paired with the car. I've tried the different pairing fixes offered on Ford's website, and even tried a master reset, but I still can't get my phone to connect to the "Bluetooth Audio." I'm hoping to avoid a trip to a dealership. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi. I am able to play .mp3 with no problem. The things is I pay extra for Flac which I understand Sync doesn't play. But everywhere I look including Ford Sync Support, WAV should work. I want lossless format which WAV is. So I convert my Flac files to Wav and Sync doesn't like it. I tried with an 8GB flash drive and a 32GB. One was Fat32 and the other exFat. Same issue. Each time Sync will see the song titles, not the Artist or Album even though that info is in the file, but pick any song and no go. Says unsupported or corrupt. I used Audacity to do the conversion which is a good program. Don't have a CD right now to try and burn to Wav rather than the Flac to Wav process. For what it's worth, the Flac to Wave on my PC plays the Wav. files. Tried to play these Wav files in another car with the exact same interface. I have a Taurus and they have a Fusion. No play.
  4. Hi, Few weeks ago Navigation Audio stopped working. I have no idea what to do, beside going to the garage. Does anyone has any idea ? Thank you, Jacob
  5. Was having some issues connecting to bluetooth audio, did a master resest, now when I go to the Connect Bluetooth Devices screen, the "Add" button is no longer available, it is greyed out. Any idea how to get this back working? My original issue was that I could sync to bluetooth but only for phone calls, bluetooth audio for media wouldn't work any more, and my phone wouldn't let me select it in the bluetooth settings. I will worry about that again once I can connect the device to Sync.
  6. Hi, I am absolutely new to this forum and to Sync but would be grateful if you could help me. I am using the TomTom app on my iPhone. As soon as I connect my iPhone 4S iOS 6.1 via USB or Bluetooth to the car, the TomTom App doesn't talk any more. It only works when I play music from my iPhone at the same time. As soon as I switch to the car radio, it doesn't speak any more. I don't need to get TomTom speaking via Sync. I would be happy if it would still talk through the iPhone speakers. Any ideas? Thank you! Best regards Christiane