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Found 29 results

  1. When I hook my Galaxy S20 to the USB port I get the following error: Connected USB device not responding. I have tried different USB cables and still get the error. Would like to get connected this wat for the Android Auto but have been unable to. I have a 2017 Explorer with Sync 3.
  2. I have a large collection of Hi-Res music files. I've stored them on a LaCie 1TB USB drive formatted as ExFAT. I've used dbPowerAmp to convert from AIFF and store all files in WAV format. Sync 3 sees the drive and plays the music (sound is awesome). Only thing is that the metadata doesn't seem to be coming through. I am unable to browse by artist or album. Anything I need to know to force Sync 3 to index the files on my USB drive?
  3. Hi, everyone! First post here. I'm new to Ford and Sync 3 -- just bought a 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid. I have been trying to install the update and having no success. Here's a rundown of what I've tried... Automatic update over Wi-Fi. The car connects to my home network while parked in the driveway, but it doesn't download the update. (It is set to automatically download updates.) Tapping the Scan for Updates Now button. This doesn't appear to do anything at all. Downloading the update on my computer and transferring it to a flash drive. When I insert the flash drive into the car's USB slot, I get a message saying that the USB device is not supported. I have tried formatting the flash drive as ExFAT and FAT32, tried several different flash drives, tried formatting it on both a Mac and PC, tried doing a Sync 3 reset before inserting the flash drive, tried both USB slots (duh) ... no change. I still get that "USB device not supported" message. What am I missing?
  4. I discovered that the radio will not play an album, specifically Dire Straits Brothers in Arms. I tried by voice command, which is my normal way, by manually navigating to it (nothing shows). I've reset radio to defaults, removed album and replaced it, replaced it with a completely different copy, no luck. I wonder how many other albums aren't being seen without having to go through 64 GB of files individually. Any one else had this issue and found an answer? Thinking the engineers just got tired of this album getting the air time.
  5. First and foremost: I cannot believe how crappy SYNC is. Second: This is in regards to my 2015 Focus using plain old SYNC (not SYNC 3 or SYNC MFT, no voice-navigation either). I've ran into just about every problem imaginable when it comes to SYNC. I've had files deemed "unreadable" or "corrupted" that work fine through my PC and PS4, I've had USB devices randomly disconnect, I've had devices unable to recharge because of the USB. I've had voice problems. I've had phone problems. But this one here is what's making me tear my hair out (this time, at least). USB devices simply are not detected. Case in point: I have a 64GB USB 3.0 PNY thumbdrive. It works flawlessly with everything but, you guessed it, SYNC. Originally, I had a whole mess of music on there that was working well enough for my purposes. One day, I noticed that a LOT of the id3 tags were incorrect. I removed the drive and plugged it into my computer, only to find the id3 were actually correct, but were not displayed correctly through SYNC. Confused, I transferred the USB back to my vehicle, only to find that they were still incorrect. Frustrated, I went to the magic Google machine, and learned that FAT32 is a better partition than what I was using NTFS when it comes to SYNC. Thinking that might help me avoid this problem and potential future ones, I formatted the drive to FAT32, put my music back on, and plugged it into my car's USB port. It has not been recognized since. I have tried the following to absolutely no avail: 1. Reformatting to NTFS 2. Reformatting to ex-FAT 3. Used a different thumbdrive (a 2.0, attempted with all three partitions) 4. Allotted the car ample time to rest before plugging the drive back in 5. Allotted the car ample time to read the device (sitting for 10 minutes burning gas, hoping it was just being slow) 6. SYNC Master Reset 7. SYNC reversion to factory defaults 8. Screaming and cursing I've tried everything I could think of to get this damn thing to work. I even tried to update, thinking there'd be some weird way it'd smell my USB drive if there were an installation file present. Nope. It just refuses to work. I've looked everywhere online, asked fellow Ford SYNC owners, and even threatened to leave my car for a new Honda. Nothing, nothing, and nothing. If I need to take it in, I'd like to know that as soon as possible. I drive alone 99% of the time and do not want to have to use my phone or a line-in while driving, as I'm not fond of committing moving violations (or paying the resulting fines). If there is, however, some magical workaround, I'd much rather try that than go through a dealership; they don't often know what to do, and it still costs me money just for them to look. Suggestions are appreciated. Please forgive my cross nature; it's just that my frustration with this machine is mounting. I paid a whole lot of money to make sure I had SYNC in my vehicle, due to the MASSIVE convenience it'd bring, but instead I'm here begging for help. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi, I'm from Germany and currently driving an 2018 Focus with SYNC 3. Until a few days ago I connected my iPhone 6 (iOS 11) only via Bluetooth and everything was fine. Since I learned of the Ford Pass App with Live Traffic I'm also connecting the iPhone via USB. This is when the problems started showing up. It took a couple of days and many attempts until SYNC finally managed to index my music via USB. Then when I added a couple of songs it started all over again. Is this the usual behaviour? Sometimes after connecting via USB I get error messages saying "No media found on this device" and most of the times this happens, I cannot even use Bluetooth Audio anymore. It keeps showing up in the "source" screen but I cannot select it. I have to restart the iPhone / disable / enable bluetooth / disconnect / reconnect via USB or even restart the car. I would be OK with not being able to play music via USB but then why does Bluetooth Audio also make troubles? Since I really like the live traffic feature I want to keep using the USB connection.. I mean I cannot even charge my phone without alot of problems showing up.. Any help / suggestions? Cheers, David
  7. For some reason when I plug my iPhone into the USB to stream music, it doesn't charge my phone. My phone shows indication of charging but stays at the same percentage even when plugged in for hours. My music automatically stops playing music (pauses) almost every time I press skip on my phone or through the steering wheel control. It doesn't play audio on other apps such as snapchat or youtube, and occasionally I have to switch to the other sources and back to USB to get it to work and it is driving me crazy. Already did a master reset and it's updated to the latest version. Please help!
  8. I can't get Siri/Voice commands to work with the USB stick in Sync 3. I have even tried saying the basic voice command "USB" to Siri and she doesn't recognize it. I say "Play" and the song title, artist, etc but she doesn't understand. The FLAC music files play fine and I edited the ID tags (artist name ,ablum, etc) of the songs as well. Has anyone had any success with USB music voice commands? What am I doing wrong?
  9. I have a 2013 Ford Focus with plain SYNC, no touch and no navigation. I simply cannot get SYNC to play certain albums of mp3s and I think it's not seeing a good chunk of the songs on my USB drive. I have about 3000 songs on a USB drive, which should not be a problem for SYNC. All the files are either mp3 or wma (lossless). I've had problems with tags in the past so I used mp3tag to clean them all up and it seems that SYNC is ok with all the wma files. The wma tags are all wma tags and the mp3 tags are all ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Actually, I think it's not recognizing any mp3s at this point. I don't mean it gives me "Unknown X" as the info. I mean it doesn't see the files at all and won't play them. It could be that it would eventually play them, but I haven't seen it happen yet. Can someone tell me the best configuration or format for mp3 tags that will be recognized by SYNC? By the way, I also wanted to talk about another problem. When first inserting the USB drive, I cannot try to play anything from it until it's finished indexing. If I do, SYNC becomes completely fried and crashes entirely. At that point I have to take out the fuse to reset it and start over. I've learned to just put in the USB drive and not play it for at least 15-20 minutes, then I can use it without SYNC completely frying. When it is in the process of losing its mind before it crashes entirely and dies, it starts babbling about navigation route commands among other things. I don't have navigation, so I wonder if I have the wrong firmware installed.
  10. I have an issue where my iPhone disconnects from Ford Sync 2 in my 2015 Focus Connection: USB Issue started when I updated to iOS 12 beta from iOS 11on my iPhone X. Music would play for between 2-6 minutes and then the music would stop and the controls on the Sync screen wouldn't control the music. Press play on the iPhone and music played from the iPhone, and then a message appears on the Sync 2 - 'iPhone disconnected' When the problem manifested, i immediately rolled back to iOS11and all was fine. I then got the official iOS 12 and same thing happened - iPhone would disconnect from USB ( Bluetooth is always fine) Then got the iPhone XS Max and the same thing. Updated to iOS12.1 and that didn't resolve the issue I have clean installed the iOS from factory settings as well. I have reset Sync 2. This for me appears to be an iOS12 issue. Apple are looking into it with an open ticket. I have sent them log files and they connected to the phone remotely and took logs as the fault manifested live, and they have video as well. They said that they have other cases with the same issue. My Sync2 appears to be unto date too I hope they fix it or Apple and Ford talk to each other and fix issue
  11. Hi guys. I have a 2014 Fiesta with the original version of Sync that looks like the image below. My iPhone 7 works really well with it over Bluetooth, but I prefer using USB as the audio quality is better, it's louder, and shows song info on the car display. USB keeps disconnecting, causing the phone to switch to Bluetooth. I then have to switch the stereo over to bluetooth. If I try to go back to USB it doesn't see the phone. Sometimes it lasts a few songs before it disconnects. I can't tell whether it's a physical connection issue as it sometimes does it after going over bumps etc. Weirdly it kept doing it persistently when approaching the Blackwall Tunnel. Any ideas? I'm taking the car in for a service at Ford this week so will ask them, but I imagine they'll charge me £75 for nothing and won't be able to replicate the problem. I've checked the Ford website and it says my firmware is up-to-date. Cheers in advance.
  12. I have a 2012 Ford Fusion. I've updated the SYNC system once (within the past year) so believe it's SYNC 1 or 2. I have a 32GB USB stick full of MP3s. Every so often some songs will start to skip which seems odd since it's digital. When I bring the usb stick in and do a binary compare with the same song on my PC I can see they are different. So I copy back over to the USB to fix. But then it will happen again. Not always the same songs. Is SYNC modifying MP3 files? Do you think this is an issue with SYNC or the USB stick? The USB stick is a Patriot XPORTER. Was not a cheapo stick.
  13. Hello, I have ripped a bunch of CDs using Windows Media Player to wav format. They are on a USB drive that I plugged into Sync, which then promptly indexed them. That's when I realized that WMP doesn't apply ID3 tags to wav files. All the info is listed as "unknown". So I installed mp3tag and applied all the tags to all the files. Unfortunately, plugging the USB drive back in did nothing because Sync had already indexed everything. So, I don't know if it's not recognizing the tags or just not re-indexing the drive. Is there a hidden file or folder containing the index information on the drive and can I just delete that? Or, is there a way to tell Sync to re-index the drive? Or, will Sync never recognize ID3 tags for wav files no matter what? I'm not sure of my version of Sync, but I have a 2013 Focus SE. It has the latest firmware that I installed about 6 months ago. Thanks for any information.
  14. The SYNC in my 2016 Fiesta suddenly stopped working last weekend for no apparent reason. It was working fine, I got out of the car to eat breakfast, and when I got back in it was no longer working. My boyfriend and I tried all the trouble-shooting techniques we could find (Master Reset, SYNC Reboot, pulling and plugging in the SYNC fuse, and disconnecting/reconnecting the battery) and nothing fixed the issue. The strange thing is, we were able to connect my phone to the car still and make outgoing phone calls using Bluetooth. The command button on the steering wheel worked when you press the PHONE button, but not when we press MEDIA. We're even able to press the command button on the steering wheel when in the PHONE menu and tell the car to play Bluetooth audio. This however only worked once and since nothing in the sync system is working: the media button, the phone button, the voice command, the media and/phone menu section. The USB port and Aux port also no longer work, I believe that is related to the media not working. I did recently upgrade from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 8 Plus, so I was thinking it could be compatibility issues between the new phone and the SYNC system, but my boyfriend?s iPhone 6 won't connect either - it always was able to before. Anyone have any ideas? I really don't want to take it to the dealer if there is a simple fix but we're out of ideas. Thanks for any help!
  15. Using a USB stick with playlists does not indicate playlists with Browse button, just songs. However, voice command will find the playlist and play them. Is there any way this can be fixed? Small issue to fix...
  16. Hi, I have a 2015 Mustang GT. I replaced the stock head unit with a Sync 3 model last year. I just picked up the required USB hub update for CarPlay and Android auto, but the pins don't line up - My 2015 unit has both USB and SD card, and the new hub is USB only. It looks like there are an extra 4 pins on the old unit for the SD card so the wiring adapter won't fit in the new hub. Has anybody successfully wedged this newer hub into a 2015 Mustang? Best-case, it would be awesome if somebody made an 8 to 4-pin adapter so it was just plug and play. If not, does anybody know the model number of the 2016 plug, and hopefully the correct wiring pinouts so I could cut and splice things myself? Happy to hear any suggestions. Thanks! Oh yeah, almost forgot to post an image. Here are both units - The older, 8-pin unit is on top.
  17. Whenever I have USB or Sirius Radio as my source Ford Sync changes it to AM Radio when a phone call ends. Call ends, then about 5-8 seconds later my source changes to AM Radio. I have to change it back to where it was. Happens 100% of the time after a phone call. Sync 3, Build 1.0 SW Ver. 15139 Ford Transit HD350
  18. hello, using my samsung s5 with usb to connect for music. i would like to use voice commands, ie. play artist etc. what folder does my music need to be in on my samsung. it seems its reading it from my phones storage . after it builds a list, all i can play are ringtones. can i change it so it sees my cell phones sd card as media source and build the library there? thanks my sync is at SYNC v4.4
  19. I have two vehicles, a 2013 F-150 and 2015 Mustang. Both have the Sync with My Ford Touch. I have two devices, a Motorola Nexus 6 that I use as my phone and sync over Bluetooth, and an iPhone 5 running iOS 9.3 beta which I use as my music player and nav. The iPhone is connected via USB. The iPhone's USB connection has always been flaky in the Mustang but rock solid in the F-150. In the Mustang it would sometimes show up as a device and sometimes it wouldn't. Sometimes it wouldn't show up at first but after driving a few miles down the road it would suddenly appear in my list of devices. It would always charge when plugged in, though. I thought that maybe a software update would fix things so I decided to update both vehicles' Sync to the latest version this past Saturday (I don't know what version either vehicle was previously and I bought the Mustang used so I have no history). Well, after the upgrade, the iPhone no longer works in either vehicle over USB. As it did previously, the device does charge when plugged in, but now it never shows up, ever, no matter what I do. I've tried different cables (Apple and third-party branded) but it doesn't make a difference. The iPhone does work when I paid it with Bluetooth, but it's a wrestling match every time I start my vehicle as my phone is set as my preferred device. How can I fix this? I just want the iPhone to show up as a device when I plug the usb cable in so I can get my music back. Thanks in advance.
  20. I recently plugged a hard disk with AAC encoded music into the USB port. Music is organized into folders by Artist/Album. I can use Play Artist and Play Album commands, but the Play Track command is not available. All files are named with the convention "## Track Name" where ## is the two digit track number. Can anybody offer any suggestions? Thanks 2012 Ford Flex.
  21. Hi fellow sync users, new to this site, as well as my recently bought Fusion. it is an 09 Ford Fusion SEL, It has Sync compatibility, also has the AUX and USB ports in center console. whenever i press the phone button to add a new phone it says NO PHONE. I cannot even get into the phone menu or system settings. I have pulled and replaced the SYNC fuse, as well as pulling the battery lines to reset the whole system in the car, still no luck. whenever i put an AUX cable or USB in, the radio does not detect any of those features. It only works on radio & CD function. Help please, I would like to access all of the features my "new" car has to offer. Thank you.
  22. hello, I have ford fusion 2012, and I play music through usb flash drive(sandisk cruze) and I have some playlist in .m3u extenstion that containt .mp3 and .wav musics but some of my playlist is says bad playlist, how can I solve this
  23. I have a 2015 Ford Fusion. My USB cord is not being recognized with my Samsung Galaxy note 3. How do I fix this. I want to be able to use all the features of my car and speak commands. My bluetooth recognized my device, but I can't use the voice commands. And when I have my phone charging through the USB, the alert keeps popping up on the screen which is also annoying saying that the USB device is not being recognized or something like that. Please help. Thank you.
  24. I've been trying for over a week now to download the latest Sync software for both my Fusion '08 and my Explorer '12. Every time I click to download, I agree to the terms and the next thing I see is an error message that says I need to have Java installed in my browser. IT IS INSTALLED. I'm on a Mac OS X 10.8.3 and I've tried this with Safari 6.0.4. I've also tried this in Firefox 19.0 and the same thing happens. I also tried this from a PC with Windows 7 Starter and the latest version of Internet Explorer. That one said I needed to install Active X and to look for a pop-up to download it, but nothing ever pops-up and the pop-blocker in IE is turned off. And Active X is turned on in my IE browser on that computer. This is incredibly frustating. How do I get the software to a USB? Additionally, now I'm having trouble logging into the http://support.ford.com/sync-technology/software-updates-sync-myford-touch website. (I know I have the right info - it's even stored in my browser where I verified the login info.) I went the route of "Forgot your password?" and when I submit, that takes me to an error: "We apologize for the inconvenience, but the Ford Owner website is currently unavailable or the requested page is not valid. Please try your request again later." Anyone have any advice here? Lastly, when I try to pair my iPhone 4S (latest OS), it immediately goes to "Pairing failed." I've done a master reset on Sync but it's still happening.
  25. Sorry if this has already been addressed, but I didn't see anything with it. When my iPod is plugged in to the USB on my '12 Focus, it says it's on shuffle, and is fine for a couple songs, but then starts playing songs in alphabetical order. Again, the screen says it's on shuffle, so I don't know why it does this, but it's reallyyyyy annoying. Any ideas? I've heard someone saying to reset the device through sync...would that work, and how is that done? Thanks in advance!